How to Keep Your Sanity When You are a Working Mom

Your day starts at 5:30 in the morning and ends at 12:00 midnight. No afternoon naps, alarm clock set even on weekends, no long baths, even missing your favorite TV show. Oh the life of a mother. Being a working mother is indeed a challenge. I remember there was a time when I could not hold it in anymore, and I just sat down in our laundry room and cried for about five minutes just to release how exhausted I was.  The drama queen in me just had her moment.

Now that my daughter is one year old, here are a few things I had learned on how to keep your work life balance as a working mom.



Planners had always been my best friend – it had always kept my focus. Schedule family activities to know if you still have free weekends before saying yes to other commitments. Plot down due dates for your monthly bills, insurance, loans to never miss payment dates. As a working mom, your hands are always full and planners or calendars can serve as a guide on your endless to do list.


You know what women can do better than men? Multi-Tasking! Yes. We can do 3 chores at a time. However, if this does not work for you, if multi-tasking adds to your level of stress then do not do it. You can still manage to make your time efficient by eliminating so called distractions – checking Instagram too often, playing online games, opening every link your friend shares on facebook. Try to eliminate this time wasters to make the most out of your time.


Quit thinking you’re a wonder woman. Truth is you are, however, you do not have super powers. Be realistic and ask for help. You may ask your sister or in-laws to baby sit for a while so you can do your errands without any distraction.


If you have plans on weekends, pack your bags at least a day before so everything is ready before your trip. Its stressful knowing that you need to finish everything at a given time and even more stressful seeing that your husband is pissed waiting for you to get everything together. On ordinary days, make a list on what you will prepare for breakfast so your time won’t be wasted deciding if you’ll cook pancakes or hotdogs for the family. Plan what you will wear in the office and the stuff you will need to bring before going to bed. Little things like these can make your mornings a little stress free, believe me.


As a working mother, I make it a point to always be firm that my family is my number one priority. Yes, I need to work so I can help in providing for what my family needs, but at the end of the day, work is just work. Talk to your employer/manager and make sure he is aware of this. If he is a good boss, he will understand.


You can set a schedule on days where you will be doing your laundry, iron your clothes, or change your sheets. Set the week on when you will do your groceries, buy milk, diapers and other baby needs. Like in my case, since my clothing rack is limited, I need to do the laundry at least thrice a week. Of course, I can only do it once the baby is asleep. Household chores is quite challenging. But having a schedule and sticking into it will help you finish your tasks. Do not forget to schedule a task free day also! 🙂


I always remind my husband that I am working too – and we should be in this together. It is unfair that while I do the laundry, wash the dishes and prepare for our meal – he will be sitting there cheering for his football team, right? Let him be a part of this. Of course, don’t give him the big stuff if he is not ready for it. He can help by playing with your kids while you do some chores.


Clutter can be very stressful. You don’t need to be great with all the arts and crafts stuff to be organized. Label important documents and put them all together, ensure your child’s clothes are kept neatly so it’s easier for you to look if there’s something she needs to wear, separate money allotted for your groceries, food, bill payments so you can budget them easily. Staying organized will only not limit your stress but it will also help you finish tasks easier.


As they say, it’s all about the quality not the quantity. Being a mother does not only mean doing chores or providing for your family. Quality time with your spouse and children is a must. When I am home, I never check my mobile phone unless someone calls for an emergency. I want to be there one hundred percent for my daughter, so when I am home, I am really home. When I am spending time with my daughter, multi-tasking is off the table. Just me and her having a fun time.


You can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself. How can you keep it all together when you are a mess? Back then, when my daughter was younger, I used to deprive myself because I felt guilty. I am not sure why, but that’s how I felt. I felt like everything should be for my daughter which was completely wrong. I was sad and stressed for a while. Then I realized that spending time with myself is important too. Have a break. Drink coffee. Watch your favorite series while munching on potato chips. Buy that dress. You deserve it. As long as you know your limits and you know what is too much. As they say, you can’t give happiness to others if you don’t have it in yourself.

Love Chezkie


Mommy Finds For The Week: Mommy Must Haves

I am a newbie when it comes to motherhood, so I love it when I discover new stuff for babies especially when they are very useful! Here’s my first entry for my Mommy Finds blog – hoping it could help all mommies and mommies to be 🙂

Feeding Bottles

My daughter Liz uses two brands for her feeding bottles. Avent and Playtex-VentAire and I must say I love both brands!

Avent bottles are known for its wide mouth bottle opening which is why they are easier
to clean.


Playtex VentAire is slimmer so it’s an advantage when you travel with your kid. Its angled design is a plus too, as it helps promote an upright feeding which is advised by our Pediatrician.


Mommy Tip: Remember to purchase only BPA free feeding bottles for your child. Anti-Colic feature is a must too because a baby’s tummy is too sensitive, this feature is believed to help babies swallow less air to help reduce gas problems.

Cloth Diapers

I am crazy for Cloth Diapers and I love them so so much! Cloth Diapers help lessen diaper rash and is environment friendly too as we can use them over and over again. The designs are a plus too! Cloth Diapers are available at Baby Company (SM Department Stores). Three popular cloth diaper brands are Belle and Coco, Bamboo Dappy and Baby Leaf. Price starts at Php 320.00.



I met a soon to be mom at a Baby Shower I attended which was organized by Smart Parenting Magazine. She advised me that she loves onesies because babies can wear it at home since its very comfortable and there’s no need to change them when visitors arrived because it’s presentable as well.

My child uses onesies from Carters, Gerber and Mothercare. However, I also purchased onesies from Wee Essentials (available at SM Department Stores)  because they can be bought at a much cheaper price.

Pink-Mint-OnesiesGrooming Kit

I bought my daughter’s grooming kit at Sophie La Girafe, available at all Mothercare Stores. But since products from Sophie La Girafe is quite pricey, other options for grooming kits are also available at Baby Company. Summer Health and Grooming Kit and Safety First are good finds too.


Mosquito Repellent Stickers

Mosquito Repellent Stickers is a must have for your babies. I use Moskishield for my daughter because I think it is much safer rather than applying other mosquito repellent lotions/sprays on her sensitive skin.


 Feel free to share your good finds for the week too! Happy Shopping! 🙂

Love Chezkie

10 Things Motherhood Had Taught Me

I gave birth a few months ago to a lovely girl named Liz Audrey. She was an answered prayer to us, because my husband and I wanted to have a child right after getting married. Being a mother is the most fulfilling job and I learned a lot of things when I became one.

There is such thing as LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT.

I love Liz the very first time I looked at her, and I knew back then that I would do everything to protect her and keep her safe, to make her happy and to give her a happy and comfortable life.

 I can look at her all day, and will never get tired of it.

Looking at her is a hard habit to break and I will never get tired of it. She was just too perfect, and I can stare at her all day, all night.

 I will live for her, survive for her. She is my motivation.

I managed to walk and carry my child a day after giving birth because I wanted to take care of my daughter. I was able to do household chores in less than a month because I wanted to be the one to wash her little clothes and feeding bottles. I wanted to be the one who looks after her. She was my motivation.

It hurts but its okay.

Your child, no matter how tiny she may be, can hurt you in her little ways. When she kick you right exactly where your stitches are, when she scratch you with her long fingernails, or when she hit you with her head whenever she’s crying. It actually hurts, but that’s okay. 🙂

My tears were not enough.

I cried the very first time I found out I was pregnant. I cried when I saw her tiny little hands waving at me during her ultrasound. I cried the very first time I saw her. I cried even when I am just looking at her. My tears are not enough to express my happiness, fears, and joy of having her in my life.

My daughter gave me happiness and fears that I never knew existed.

Having a child would give you happiness beyond measure, however, this will also give you fears that you never knew existed. I was scared that life would not be nice to her, or she would meet bullies on her first day of school. Random thoughts on crazy nights.

You would say your longest prayer for your child.

I probably said my longest prayer while watching my child asleep. I prayed that the Lord would bless her and would give her all the strength she needs to go through life. I prayed that the Lord would give me all the patience and wisdom I need to be a good mother for her. I prayed that even though its not possible, life would be fair to her.

Having a child would make you become selfless.

I am more excited to buy things for my child rather than for myself. Having a child would make you selfless. I just realized that I hadn’t check the newly opened H&M stores here in the metro because I’d rather visit Mothercare and Baby Company instead.

You can survive a day having only two hours of sleep.

I needed to feed my child every two hours, so that only means I need to wake up every now and then just to be there for her. But to matter how sleepless my nights are, I still manage to have the energy to be with her and run some errands in the morning. Talk about being a wonder mom! 🙂

Being a mom will make you master the art of multitasking.

Since there are days wherein my daughter wants to be carried all day, I managed to master the art of multitasking. I can open the television and other appliances at home with my feet and do a lot of things using one hand.

I just love being a mom and I am very much excited with the new experiences that awaits me.❤

Love Chezkie