Are You Ready To Vote?

Are you ready to vote? 2016 election is just around the corner. You can see political ads almost everywhere. Bashing of candidates in facebook and other social media is just all over your time line. But as they said, don’t just sit there, bash and post. Let your voice be heard by choosing candidates who you think would lead us to a better Philippines. Registration to vote is until October 2015.

Voters should also ensure that they had their bio metrics during their time of registration, otherwise, they would not be able to vote come 2016.

You can check if your data is complete through the COMELEC website.

Just select your Province and City/Municipality from the list of choices via quick search. If your name is not on the list, then you are qualified to vote.

comelec3Another useful facility in their website is the Precinct Finder link. By providing information needed, you can get your precinct number, polling center, registration status and the availability of your Voter’s ID.



This was a big help for me because I had been waiting for ages for my voter’s ID to be delivered at my registered address without knowing that I should be the one to claim it in our City Hall. 🙂

Hoping this post will help somehow. Keep in mind that voting is not only our right, it is also our obligation as Filipinos. After all, wouldn’t you want to have a say on where your taxes go?

Love Chezkie