The Daykeeper 2016

This year, I decided to break my yearly Starbucks tradition and opt to purchase my 2016 planner instead. But before I purchase the Daykeeper, I went at the nearby bookstore to make sure that this is really the planner I would want to get.

My other choices were Bando and Kate Spade planners. However, an 18 month planner just wouldn’t work for me. I wanted a planner that starts in January for that fresh start vibe. I also feel that I am no longer young enough to own a Belle de jour planner, so Daykeeper was the best choice for me.

I received my order just this weekend, and here are five things I like about Daykeeper 2016:

The Packaging

Its packaging is perfect if you are giving this planner as a gift. Planners usually are the most useful and practical gift you can give to your girl friends as you can use it all year long. Its a plus if too if the planner is one of a kind. Will surely love to receive this one as a Christmas present.


Work of Art

I love how creativity is shown in each page. Love the lettering, photos, quotes and paintings. If you’re an arts and crafts lover, you will totally adore these pages 🙂



What Made You Smile Today?

I love how you can write your appointments and to do list on the left side of the page and still have a space to jot down your thoughts and the simple things that made you happy. It’s like a planner and a diary rolled into one. 🙂


Paper Quality

Daykeeper’s paper quality is a huge plus for me. Its a bit thicker compared to the ones I checked in the bookstores. Perfect especially for girls like me who loves to doodle and write down anything and everything 🙂

Lovely Post Cards

The planner comes with four lovely post cards. I planned to write on it and give it to my daughter in the future 🙂


You can order yours by clicking here.

Check out Daykeeper’s instagram and facebook page for more photos and info about the planner 🙂