Touring Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod as we hit our First Year! ♥

My boyfriend and I went to Ilocos to celebrate our first year anniversary. It’s my second time there – my first was still when I was in College and my family and I only stayed at Laoag.

This time, I planned to visit Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod. Luckily, I was able to do it – as planned – even though typhoon Mina hit Ilocos big time. Talk about luck.

We arrived at Laoag at around 11pm. It was raining like crazy when we hit their airport. Since we were on a tight budget, we did not request for any hotel pick ups. It’s a good thing that there was a jeepney there offering to drop you off at the place you are about to stay at a cheap cost of Php 50 per person.

We spend our night at Balay de Blas. I did not expect the room to be that huge. I love Balay de Blas. Excellent Customer Service indeed! Thank you Elsie and Mel for making our stay there memorable.

Our next stop was Vigan. And I was really excited about this place. It was really a blast from the past – and would really make you proud about being a Filipino. Calle Crisologo would have to be my favorite. Walking there hand in hand with my special someone made this vacation more than perfect. Simple yet amazing.

Mark and I also toured Vigan via Calesa. I  think they charged us 150 per hour – and it took us roughly 4 hours to see the beauty of Vigan. We went to the Bell Tower, Padre Burgos Musuem, Baluarte Zoo, places where pots  and those little knitted stuffs where made. Quite an amazing experience.

After that tiring tour, we went back to Hotel Salcedo to freshen up. There, Mark accidentally gave me my anniversary present. A chariol ring which I had been crushing for the past  months now. Although the ring was lovely – it was the anniversary card that melted my heart. He wrote there what the ring symbolizes and a thorough explanation about my nonsense complaints. Right there and then, I knew that I found all that I had been waiting for.

Third stop – Pagudpod. I think typhoon Mina is at its peak during these times. Even in the midst of typhoon, Mark and I still played with the beach waves!

Just in case you guys are planning an Ilocos trip – here are your must do list!

Visit Old Churches
Old Places = Great Photography.

Knowing your Roots
Ask natives there about the place’s history. You’ll surely be surprised.

Calesa Ride
Such a Smooth Sailing Ride.

Truly an Ilocos Pride

A Walk to Remember
Walking around Calle Crisologo is really peaceful and romantic.

They put some special ingredient in their Lomi. Yummy and inexpensive too.

Buy Native Products
Im such a big fan of native products. Its also very cheap there too – compared to their prices here in Manila.

Bagnet and Vigan Longonissa
A little dosage of cholesterol is not that bad.

So there, that’s how Mark and I celebrated our anniversary!

Hopefully, we can visit Ilocos again minus the typhoon.


The not so usual morning SMS

Yesterday I got a usual morning text from my boyfriend and it says:

Good morning baby! I love you. 6 days to go.

Him pertaining to our first anniversary on the 27th.

Me, being the oh-so-usual drama queen, I replied

Tatagal ka pa kaya nang 6 days sa akin?

His reply?

Oo naman. 6 weeks. 6 months. 6 years. 6 decade. 6 Century pa yan.

And that melted my heart – like it was never bruised before. :’)

Let the countdown begin – 6 days!
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Woot Woot! ♥

Something that might inspire you:
Dreams and love are just words – until you decide to experience them.