February Covers

Oh my. How time flies. Could not believe the first month of 2016 is over. So hello there love month! Before all the valentines day planning, lets check out the celebrities who graced the cover of some of the well know magazines here in the Philippines.

Good Housekeeping

Heart Evangelista-Escudero is on the front page of good house keeping on their January to February issue. Check out the heart to heart article on how marriage changed this teeny bopper. From Missy (the character she played in the teen show G-Mik) to Mrs E – we just love Heart, don’t we?



Yes, the AlDub sensation is here to stay! Check out the most popular love team’s cover in this month’s Cosmopolitan Issue. Just love that orange dress on Maine!



Preview does not only have one but seven celebrities on their February issue. Young stars Inigo Pascual, Jeron Teng, Derrick Monasterio, Ruru Madrid, LA Aguinaldo Andre Paras and Kelsey Merritt are all well dressed for this month’s issue.



She’s confident. She’s beautiful. And she has the Heart! Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is this month’s Metro girl.

Metro Magazine


Pinoy Big Brother 4th Placer, Dawn Chang is the new FHM cover girl. I actually was a fan of Dawn during her stay in the PBB house. She’s determined, driven, intelligent, and just so beautiful. Popularly known from her Love Me Like You Do dance, Dawn shows her long legs, curves, and flawless skin for FHMs February issue.


Who’s your favorite February cover? Happy Reading! 🙂

Love Chezkie


The Beatles. The Hits. The Fan.

Due to my dad’s big impact on my life, at 26, I am such a Beatle fan. I believe that they are indeed legends – and they have a huge contribution to our music industry, to the world, and to each and everyone of us. Although I know there are like a hundred of them, I listed down 10 of my favorite Beatles Classics.


1. Imagine
Imagine would probably be one of the songs which has the best and mind blowing lyrics. Only a genius like John Lennon can write such a masterpiece.

2. Let It Be
If only I could play the piano, I would have probably mastered this song. One of my favorites. Classic indeed.

3. Here, There and Everywhere
I read that this was John Lennon’s favorite. I used to think this would be my wedding song after watching Phoebe Buffay of then hit TV Series Friends walk down the aisle to this Beatles’ classic, however, my boyfriend is not a Beatle fan.

4. The Long and Winding Road
Paul McCartney was inpspired to write this song because of then growing tension among The Beatles. I believe that sometimes, the best comes out of us during the saddest and most difficult times of our lives.

5. Strawberry Fields Forever
I used to sing this song when I was a kiddo – and my classmates then had no idea about this song.

6. All You Need is Love
I totally agree – all we need is love. This is such a happy song. The Beatles had written this song because they wanted to give the world a message – and since this song is non-complex, it will never be misinterpreted.

7. Here comes the sun
One of my dearest friends used this song for their wedding’s same day edit. I listen to this song when I am in a bad day. Very uplifting.

8. For No One
I am not so sure if a lot of people are familiar with this song. This song is somehow underated, but I still love it. I love the lyrics – its just so heartbreaking.

9. Woman
I know.. this is not a Beatles song, but I am still including it in this list. Any woman would probably be in tears with this song. Lucky Yoko!

10. Hey Jude
I believe that to understand a song’s lyrics, you must know first what had inspired the writer to create the masterpiece. I normally listen to this song when I am in a bad situation, because I feel that somehow, someone out there cares for me. Ever wonder who Jude is? Originally this was supposed to be, “Hey Jules” because Paul McCartney had written this song for John Lennon’s son Julian – after the separation of John Lennon to then wife Cynthia.

I know there are a lot more Beatles hits that are worth blogging – I will just make a part two of this entry next time 🙂

My Favorite American Idol Performances

I am such an AI fan!  I think the only seasons I failed to watch were Seasons 1, 2 and 9. Because I am such a big fan I created a list of my favorite american idol performances – in no particular order:

And I am Telling You by Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday

This song is one of the most powerful songs ever sang on the Idol Stage to date. I had chills and goose bumps when I watched Jessica Sanchez and Jennifer Holiday performed this song during the 2012 Finale. Great Song. Great Singers. Best Duet.

Desperado by Camille Velasco

Although the judges didn’t give Camille good reviews about her performance, I still loved it – given the fact that I am not so familiar with this Eagles classic.

Inseparable by Jasmine Trias

If you are one of my college friends, you would know that I am a Jasmine Trias fan. I love her. She’s just the sweetest. Although I loved most of her renditions on American Idol, I chose Inseparable since  this song really made a mark on her.

 Dance with my Father Again by Jessica Sanchez

This is one of my favorite songs – and Jessica’s version was probably the best version I had ever heard.

Daniel by Thia Megia

If I am not mistaken, this was the song Thia sung when she got voted off – but I love her version. It was also the sweetest when she dedicated the song to her brother.

I Believe by Diana de Garmo

I love her version more than that of Fantasia. Diana is one of the youngest contestants on Idol and one of the best singers as well. However, Carrie Underwood still tops my list!

 Do I Make You Proud by Taylor Hicks

This would probably be my favorite finale song ever. Even though I wanted Katharine Mc Phee to win back then, Taylor got me when he sung this song.

 Your Song by Casey Abrams

I was just the saddest when Casey Abrams had to leave the idol stage. He was one of my favorites. He was worth the one time judge’s save during AI 2011. I loved his version of Your Song and I watched it a gazillion times on You Tube.

 Piece of my Heart by Haley Reinhart

I love the growling! Girl Power indeed. My favorite song from Haley Reinhart.

 Heartless by Kris Allen

Kris Allen’s version was even better than that of Kanye West. I love how he made this song his own by making it an acoustic. I think girls are drooling when he sang this song during the finale. Oh well, including me.

 Home by Elliot Yamin

One of my favorite idol contestants too. I idolized Elliot Yammin not only as an artist, but as a son to his mom.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Constantine Maroulis

Simon Cowell only said one word after Constantine’s performance: Astonishing!

 Always be my Baby by David Cook

Mariah Carey was even surprised that a song like this can be sung by a guy. David Cook is really an artist.

 Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Katharine Mc Phee

Simon Cowell made a great decision choosing this song for Katharine Mc Phee. I love her version. One of the sweetest voices and moving performances on idol stage.

Angels Brought me Here by David Archuleta/ Carrie Underwood

I can’t choose a better version because they both did a great job. I was teary eyed after watching Carrie Underwood’s performance. David’s version was incredibly superb too.

I am so excited to watch AI’s next season and update  this list! And I know I speak on every AI fan’s behalf when I say I hope Simon Cowell comes back! 🙂

Best Movie Sound Tracks

1. I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)
Armageddon (1998)

Although this list is not in order, I have to say this tops my list. It was my favorite song during my elementary years and until now I guess. Mark loves the movie too. The music video was great! I admire this band so much. Legend indeed! 🙂

2. It might be you (Stephen Bishop)
Tootsie (1982)
This one’s a classic! I did not like the song in the beginning because during that time, it was everyone’s theme song. But when I watched Tootsie, it gave me the chills when  “It Might Be You” was played when the movie was about to end.
3. Glory of Love (Peter Cetera)
The Karate Kid (1984)
Never seen the movie. I was still a kid when this was shown. But I’d watch it one of these days. I’ve seen the music video for this song though – and it melted my heart.
4. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
Robin Hood: Prince  of Thieves (1991)
Loved this song too  – and I think the movie made this song more likeable.
5. So Close (Jon Mc Laughlin)
Enchanted (2007)
My favorite part of this movie was when this song was played. It made me cry. Love the dance number too. Romantic!
6. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
Titanic (1997)
This has to be in the list! No matter how over rated this song had become. The guy from the company I’m working with has not seen Titanic yet. Its the movie he swore to his grave not to see for some crazy and ridiculous reason/s. Well, I always tell him he missed half of his life! Hahaha
7. Way Back into Love (Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett)
Music and Lyrics (2007)
Though this movie was quite boring, I super love this song. Reminds me of my good old single days! 🙂
Favorite Line:
I’ve been watching but the stars refuse to shine,
I’ve been searching but I just don’t see the signs.
I know that its out there.
There’s gotta be something for my soul somewhere.
**Rewinded it countless times on my ipod! 🙂
8 . Love is All Around (Wet, Wet, Wet)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
I heard some good reviews for this movie though I haven’t seen it yet. I love the song – the sweetest!
9. I Say A Little Prayer (Diana King)
My Best friend’s Wedding (1997)
One of my favorite movies! My favorite part was when the entire cast sang the song at a restaurant. Crazy how they made that part without it looking weird unlike some of the Filipino flicks I’ve watched.
10. Grow Old with You (Adam Sandler)
The Wedding Singer (1998)
The song has cute – oh – so – sweet lyrics that will sweep any girls feet.
11. Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen)
Jerry Maguirre (1996)
I loved the song because of the movie. When Jerry asked Dorothy for a dinner date and this song was played – the tear jerky girl in me cried again 🙂
12. She (Elvis Costello)
Notting Hill (1999)
I lost count how many times I had seen this movie. The song was played at the end part of the flick, that was Julia Robert’s moment.
13. It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)
Pretty Woman (1990)
The best break up song!
14. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Elton John)
Lion King (1994)
I was caught whether to put this song or Hakuna Matata! Hahaha. Kiddin’ Lets give the credit to Elton John and Tim RIce for such a wonderful composition. I had cried over this movie when I was a kid.
15. You’re beautiful (James Blunt)
Just Like Heaven (2005)
I had a big crush on Mark Ruffalo after seeing this flick. Mark Ruffalo + Romantic Comedy Flick + A soundtrack that would make you feel like a Goddess = Supeeerrbbbb!
16. Auld Lang Syne (Mairi Campbell)
Sex and the City (2008)
I was surprised about the rendition of this song that’s why I added it to this list. Loved this movie too – although I had not watched a single episode of the TV series.
17. Feels like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk)
How to lose a guy in ten days (2003)
One of my favorite love songs. The song being a part of the movie made me like the movie even more. The movie was soooo cute.
18. I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore (Reo Speedwagon)
Not another teen movie (2001)
I know this flick is non sense and crazy, and it had not made justice to the song for using it as a sound track – but the movie made me laugh and loved the song that had been a hit a year before I was born.
19. My Girl (The Temptations)
My Sassy Girl (2001)
I actually have two songs in mind for this movie, Canon D and My Girl. But since when My Girl was played while Kyun-Woo and Ji Hyun Jun (I hope my research was right) were running in the park made me smile, it has to be this one!
20. Stop Crying your Heart Out (Oasis)
The Butterfly Effect (2004)
Oasis is my favorite band since I was in the fourth grade, so I have to make an entry of one of their songs. Although I dont really like the film that much (since prison and bad dreams scares the hell out of me), I love the part when Evan (Ashton Kutcher) and Kayleigh (Amy Smart) met in the end and this song was played.