Are You Ready To Vote?

Are you ready to vote? 2016 election is just around the corner. You can see political ads almost everywhere. Bashing of candidates in facebook and other social media is just all over your time line. But as they said, don’t just sit there, bash and post. Let your voice be heard by choosing candidates who you think would lead us to a better Philippines. Registration to vote is until October 2015.

Voters should also ensure that they had their bio metrics during their time of registration, otherwise, they would not be able to vote come 2016.

You can check if your data is complete through the COMELEC website.

Just select your Province and City/Municipality from the list of choices via quick search. If your name is not on the list, then you are qualified to vote.

comelec3Another useful facility in their website is the Precinct Finder link. By providing information needed, you can get your precinct number, polling center, registration status and the availability of your Voter’s ID.



This was a big help for me because I had been waiting for ages for my voter’s ID to be delivered at my registered address without knowing that I should be the one to claim it in our City Hall. 🙂

Hoping this post will help somehow. Keep in mind that voting is not only our right, it is also our obligation as Filipinos. After all, wouldn’t you want to have a say on where your taxes go?

Love Chezkie


PNP SAF Men – Modern Day Heroes

 A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

Joseph Campbell

Watching the news these days is just beyond frustrating. 44 policemen died as they tried to capture known terrorists/bomb experts Zulkipli bin Hir alias Marwan and Basit Usman, who has a  $6 Million/$3 Million reward if captured, dead or alive.

A police general was quoted saying that this was a tragedy in the making. Indeed, it was. 44 lives lost. 44 families lost  a loved one, a brother, a husband, a father, a friend. As you watch the news, you can see how these families grief knowing that the person they love the most is forever lost.

#Nasaanangpangulo trended worldwide as President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III chose to attend a plant inauguration for Mitsubishi rather than honoring the fallen PNP-SAF members.


nasaan2   nasaan4


SAF Chief  Getulio Napeñas claims full responsibility on “Oplan Wolverine”.

“I trust you and I need to say that those boys died thinking not of the money but of the many more people who could become Marwan’s victims. The death of my men pains me. I love them. I am their chief, but we as a command stand with pride that we took down a very dangerous man,” Napeñas said.

These men died to protect us. We have lost so many lives and I am not losing hope that one day we will all learn from these. I know this issue would die months from now, but let us not let their heroic deed go to waste. We must pursue peace and give them the justice they deserved.

The whole country would forever be grateful for the bravery and selfless act that the PNP SAF men had shown. You are our modern day heroes!



**Malacanang declares today, January 30, 2015, as the National Day of Mourning for the fallen Philippine National Police-Special Action Force (SAF) members in Maguindanao.

The 10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam

I am one of the many middle class citizens here in the Metro. My life story is common and non-interesting. I was able to finish school through my grandparents’ pension. My first out of the country was when I was 21, right after I got my first job. I worked for it, saved for it, and enjoyed it.  I am now an IT Consultant. I take a two hour road trip everyday just to go to work. I ride the train every day and complain how the transportation here in Manila sucks big time every now and then. I was only able to start attending Graduate School when I was 26, because only then can I afford the tuition fees and other additional expenses.  You see, I am not rich.  I work hard to buy the things that I want, need and dream of. I had been working for the past six years, and had been paying taxes since then.

Watching the news nowadays is just beyond frustrating. Yes, I am talking about Janet Lim Napoles – the woman behind the 10 Billion Pork Barrel Scam. 28 houses, 30 cars, 415 bank accounts, awesome lifestyle. I only have two questions for her – what will you do with all these and how do you sleep at night?


Jeane Napoles and Her Lavish Lifestyle

Apparently, five senators were linked to Janet Lim Napoles and the multi billion peso scam. Five thick faced, heartless and corrupt officials who does not deserve even a single centavo earned by hardworking Filipinos. The following senators were named and have of course denied the accusations.

Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.


I never liked you as an actor, and Lord knows how much I hated your guts when you decided to enter politics. There are two things I remember about you – you’re a womanizer, and you’re a drama queen. You turned the senate into a movie house during the Hayden Kho scandal. Practice what you preach. Respect women before you teach others how to. What sucks even more is part of my taxes goes to a number of your mistresses. Oh, who can forget your dramatic entrance during EDSA Dos asking Erap, your ninong, to resign? Good grief!

Jinggoy Estrada


Some people just don’t learn, do they? You were in prison with your father for plunder, and here we go again.

Juan Ponce Enrile


With all due respect, JPE, you’re 89! You’re old, dying and still so corrupt. You received many praises during Corona’s impeachment, but even then, my dad still kept reminding me of the things you did during Martial Law. That’s why I was not impressed, and will never be your fan.

Gregorio Honasan


You’re just like JPE, only that, you were never praised I guess.

Bongbong Marcos


Many Filipinos hated your father, and how you got to be in the senate, I will never understand. But you’re already there. If I were you, I would have cleaned my father’s mess and start a new reputation for the future of the Marcoses. Think of how  your future grandchildren would feel once they read  history books. Would you want to be remembered continuing your father’s legacy or starting your own?

Honestly, I was never surprised when I saw the list of the senators linked to the Pork Barrel scam. Well I guess, this is what I expect from them. It’s just frustrating how the money can go a long way if only the right people were elected. Look at what’s happening now? Two days of nonstop raining and most part of the Metro are already in the state of calamity. Look at our transportation system – the train, buses, jeepneys and the endless proposal just to have a temporary fix for the traffic jam since there are no budget or plans for any road widening projects. Look at our public schools, parks, government offices, the list is just endless.

To these senators, to Janet Lim Napoles and her family – how can you watch the news and see how hundreds of Filipinos suffer as a result of your greed and arrogance?