Uncle Cheffy

I tried the new resto that was launched in Lipa last weekend – Uncle Cheffy. And since it was newly opened in Batangas, they offered 20 percent discount on your total bill.

I love their interior design – very cozy. There were logs embossed on their walls which makes you feel like you’re on a picnic. The food was also superb – not too pricey and are in big servings.

Since I am not a pizza lover – its surprising that I love their Pizzas. Talk about thin crust.  For me, this is a must try!

Junior Crazy Bacon (Php 90.00)

For their main course, we tried out their Memphis Barbecue served with marble potatoes.

The twist? They serve it with three sauces. Chimichurri Tomato salsa, Memphis Barbecue Sauce. You’re choice.

As an accompaniment, we also ordered their Asian Fried Rice.

Their restroom are the cutest too!

Restroom for Men

Restroom for Women

If you have the time, you can visit their branches at Eastwood Mall,  Alimall, Mall of Asia, Ortigas Centre and Nuvali.


Banapple Date.♥

Mark and I wanted so bad to try Banapple. But they only have few branches. Katipunan, Thomas Morato, and Greenhills. When we went to Greenhills, we could not find the Banapple Branch there so we ended up eating at Le Ching. Beef Brisket as always!

This morning, we finally had our first taste of Banapple! We visited their branch at Ayala Triangle.

I tried their Grandma’s Corn Chowder – a bit overpriced, but oh-so-yummy.

Then I ordered their Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs, since their staff told us that its their  bestseller. Result: A satisfied and full Chezkie!

Mark tried out Chicken Breast Parmigiano – which was highly recommended by their crew as well. It tasted like pasta – since the chicken was topped with tomato sauce. Big Serving! So my always-hungry Mark was so full! (Well, he should be, since he ate Mcdonalds Breakfast Meal before we visited Banapple)

Though I am not a food critic, I am giving Banapple 4 out of 5 stars – since for me, they are a cheaper version of Momo! Plus I super love the place – very homey.

Banapple Cakes are so mouth watering!

Their muffins and over-sized cookies would make you forget that you had a bad day and you just had a lousy and tiring shift.

(Their Muffins/Cookies prices ranges from Php 70.00 – Php 145.00 per piece)

My New Favorite! Fat & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Even their restrooms are themed.

Chezkie ♥’s Banapple.

Bellinis Date

Mark and I went to Bellinis to have dinner after our typical Sunday night movie date.

He was ranting about this place since he is a big fan of One More Chance. Hahaha. So we decided to go there, and pay this resto a visit.

I love the ambiance. Everything from the wall to the ceiling was hand painted giving you that Italian ambiance feel. You would totally forget that you were in the streets of Cubao.

The owner, Mr.Roberto Bellini, was there the entire time – making sure that the his guests were properly served and enjoying every minute of their stay. He was so polite asking everyone how they were. That for me is a sweet gesture of his personal touch.


Tinapa Ravioli

And since we were both ignorant about the place – we failed to grab a taste of their Vino Samto wine which was on the house – supposedly! Maybe next time.

How to Find Bellinis:
Bellini’s Italian Restaurant is inside the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, which is at the back of Shopwise in Cubao. Opens from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.

For their menu sample:

Or like them on facebook:

Something Finally Went Right!

I had been trying to cook ever since I moved out. So that means that I had been a frustrated chef for the past three months or so.

First Dish – Sinigang na Baboy
So-so. Nothing special about the way I cooked it.
The first try turns out to be okay – so that inspired me.

Second Dish – Nilagang Baka
Burn it – and I think I am the ONLY person who can burn a dish like this.
Result: Frustrated, Crying Chezkie

Third Dish – Sinigang na Baboy (The Second Time Around)
The pork was cut in large sizes.
Result: Mark got scared.

Fourth Dish – Carbonnara
I had to throw the first batch of the sauce I made since I misread two cups of water from the recipe, and placed two cups of butter instead. Boy, am I stupid. Hahaha. I wondered if Carbonarra was supposed to be this buttery, then I decided to read the recipe again. And there you go, my buttery carbonarra went down the drain.

So there, I have to make another batch of carbonarra sauce. It’s better now. Right amount of butter, water, and ingridients as instructed in the recipe. The boo boo this time? Instead of bacon bits, I put the entire bacon strips without cutting it. Aaarrgh!

Fifth Dish – Monggo
It did not taste like Monggo AT ALL for one stupid reason.
I ran out of Pork Cubes so “someone” suggested that I put Beef Cubes instead.

I did not know that the black color (which I think was designed for people to believe that its non stick) in my cheap slash poorly made pan was fake – so there, my Monggo turned out to be black – which I think is not normal.

The chef in the making inside me is slowly losing its tiny ray of hope. But since Mark and I are going to Hong Kong this weekend, we have no choice but to save. I have to cook – and he has to eat it. If all else fails, we’d buy the cheap pizza that I blogged weeks ago.

So today, I cooked my sixth dish. The sixth try is a charm. I cooked my first Tinola today. I followed carefully my dad’s instruction – and it ended up tasting like Tinola. I am sooo happy. I deserved a round of applause or a little tap on the back for a job well done.

Something finally went right!

Tomorrow’s dish: Spaghetti! Wish me Luck! 🙂

Quotes for the day:

• Practice Makes Perfect
• As Mark once told me, Try and Try, and Try, and Try until you succeed.
• Good food becomes great only when shared with people you love.

Chansel – A New Pizza Experience

Mark treated me with two boxes of pizza this morning from Chansel Pizza Haus. He told me he used to eat this when he was still in College at UST!

Since I am not a pizza fanatic, its a surprise that I liked this one. 🙂
The food court loving girl in me is not really hard to please. Lucky Mark! I am a cheap date as they say.

Thank you for making me smile today baby!
You’re the best! 🙂