10 Things I Love About Sylvanian Families

It’s every girl’s dream to own an awesome doll house. When I was kid, I didn’t had any, but oh how much I wanted to have one. So last Christmas, my husband and I decided to purchase a doll house by Sylvanian Families as a Christmas gift for our daughter.

As expected, our daughter loved it so much, we ended up playing until 2:00 in the morning after we gave it to her on Christmas Eve.


Here are the reasons why we love Sylvanian Dollhouse and why I think we will be starting our new collection.

Attention to Details

I love how intricate the details of the furniture are. Everything has been well thought of. One of the things that caught my attention is that even the sink has its drainage when I opened the cabinets.

Variety of Selection to Choose From

They have so many collectibles to choose from – from Supermarket, Ice Cream Shop, Bakery to Ballet Theatre. You can build an entire village if you have the space for it. They also have different Room Sets and House Furniture that you can purchase. They have Dining Area, Garden Set, Bathroom Set, Baby Room, Girl’s Room, Master’s Bedroom and even Vehicles.

Gadget Free Days

My daughter has been obsessed with her dollhouse for weeks she didn’t even have time to watch cartoons. All she wanted was to play and re arrange her little home. That had kept her busy for a while.

Real House Lights

I purchased the City House for my daughter – since it’s the classic one, and I guess you have to start with it prior to purchasing other houses.  The house has two lights which are battery operated. It gives a good feel when you use it as a night light.

Sylvanian Families

Since my daughter love small toys, she’s crazy about the Sylvanian Families. There are some room sets which offers one free figure if you purchase them. The house I purchased has two Walnut Squirrels. There are also a lot of Family Sets to choose from such as Poodle Family, Bear Family, Hedgehog Family, Kangaroo Family and many more.


Pretend Play

Pretend Play is highly encourage since it let children use their imagination. Toys such as these will let your children and their playmates get into Imaginative Play and Role Playing. I sometimes watch my daughter put her little bunny friends to bed during night time so they can sleep.


My daughter loves to arrange the house furniture every now and then. What I love about this is it also enhances my daughter’s decision making skills and teaches her the right things to combine and to mix and match.


You can tell that Sylvanian sets are made to last and are very durable. Your next kid might be able to play with it if you took good care of it.

Getting to Know the Outside World

What I love most about Sylvanian Sets is it introduces new things to my daughter such as the different parts of the house, things we use every day, family members and even different kinds of businesses. It is like showing your kid a glimpse of the big world out there.

Getting to Know Your Child 

While I watch my daughter play, I can somehow see how she would probably interact with the people around her. Normally she engage in conversation with her Bunnies or let them talk to each other. It also shows how we as parents talk to her, because I can sometimes hear her mimic how I converse with her.

Just in case you want start you’re Sylvanian Collection, these toys are available both in Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us. Your children and the child in you will definitely enjoy collecting.

Love Chezkie


10 Things I Love About Kindermusik

kindermusik philippines

A few days ago, my daughter Liz was able to finish her first semester in her Kindermusik class. We decided to have Liz enrolled in Kindermusik to expose her to other children since she has no playmates at home.

We were so thrilled seeing her enjoy each session. She became an instant Teacher Jeannie fan. Here are few of the things that I love about Kindermusik.

Family Bonding

Each Kindermusik session is automatically a family bonding for us.  Each session means we are going to have two hours full of singing, dancing and playing along with our kid. As a working mom, I see this as an opportunity to make up for those days when I needed to stay in the office and leave our daughter at home.


Kindermusik is all over the metro. You can chose which class you prefer to attend to depending on your location. They have branches in Quezon City, Ortigas, Taguig, Las Pinas, Alabang, Manila and Greenhills. For full list of their location, click here.


As a working mom, I appreciate how much they took our schedule into consideration. Depending on your location, Kindermusik offers classes from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. They are also okay if you need to have a session rescheduled if there are other urgent matters you need to attend to. You just have to inform them ahead of time, and they can check if there are still slots available in other sessions that you can fill in.


I love Teacher Jeannie. I admire her positive disposition and her presence in the class. She’s always smiling, always happy, and always giddy.  Teacher Maya and Teacher Impy are great too. They are very warm and very accommodating. I also love the attention that they are giving to each student to ensure that they participate in the class.


It wouldn’t be Kindermusik without great children’s songs, would it? I believe they carefully choose songs that kids would love and would easily remember. When you enroll in their class, they give you access to download the songs used in the class you are enrolled to. My daughter sings and dances to it every single day. Having it played in the car during a two hour road trip to Batangas had made our drive less stressful.


This is one of my favorite Kindermusik activity. Having my kid dress up in different costumes. She can be a train, a car, a carrot, a cowboy, NAME IT! This actually had consumed my phone memory since I take gazillions photo of her. 🙂

Value for Safety

Kindermusik studios are child proof and safe. Even the electric fan that they use are blade-free.  It’s a big room where kids can play, run around, lie down, and jump until they want to.

The Habit of Reading

Each semester, they introduce around 4 or more reading materials. I encourage Liz to start her love for books this early, so this is a big plus for me. Liz loves the stories being read to the class, because there are parts wherein they interact and sing along.


Through Kindermusik, your child will also be familiar with different kinds of musical instruments. This will not only develop their love for music, but will also be a way to develop their motor skills and use their imagination. For this semester, Liz was able to play the triangle, drums, maracas and cymbals.


I see how much the class had an impact on Liz. It had helped her be more sociable, developed her love for music and use her imagination. I caught her once using a hanger and a pen as a triangle and her play plates as cymbals. As a parent, I could not be prouder seeing her participate in class activities, watching her help her teachers clean up the materials  they used, and learning how to wait for her turn.

As parents, we learn from Kindermusik too. Often, Teacher Jeannie talks about child behavior and would give advice on how we can help our kids develop especially at this early stage of their lives.

Still undecided? Kindermusik also offers trial classes so you can see for yourself it the class would be a perfect fit for your child’s needs. Feel free to let me know if you have questions or share your Kindermusik experience by commenting below. 🙂

For more details about Kindermusik, visit their website.


Note: I decided not to post photos of Kindermusik classes for this blog post for the privacy of children enrolled in the class 🙂

Love Chezkie


The Daykeeper 2016

This year, I decided to break my yearly Starbucks tradition and opt to purchase my 2016 planner instead. But before I purchase the Daykeeper, I went at the nearby bookstore to make sure that this is really the planner I would want to get.

My other choices were Bando and Kate Spade planners. However, an 18 month planner just wouldn’t work for me. I wanted a planner that starts in January for that fresh start vibe. I also feel that I am no longer young enough to own a Belle de jour planner, so Daykeeper was the best choice for me.

I received my order just this weekend, and here are five things I like about Daykeeper 2016:

The Packaging

Its packaging is perfect if you are giving this planner as a gift. Planners usually are the most useful and practical gift you can give to your girl friends as you can use it all year long. Its a plus if too if the planner is one of a kind. Will surely love to receive this one as a Christmas present.


Work of Art

I love how creativity is shown in each page. Love the lettering, photos, quotes and paintings. If you’re an arts and crafts lover, you will totally adore these pages 🙂



What Made You Smile Today?

I love how you can write your appointments and to do list on the left side of the page and still have a space to jot down your thoughts and the simple things that made you happy. It’s like a planner and a diary rolled into one. 🙂


Paper Quality

Daykeeper’s paper quality is a huge plus for me. Its a bit thicker compared to the ones I checked in the bookstores. Perfect especially for girls like me who loves to doodle and write down anything and everything 🙂

Lovely Post Cards

The planner comes with four lovely post cards. I planned to write on it and give it to my daughter in the future 🙂


You can order yours by clicking here.

Check out Daykeeper’s instagram and facebook page for more photos and info about the planner 🙂

Mommy Finds For The Week: Mommy Must Haves

I am a newbie when it comes to motherhood, so I love it when I discover new stuff for babies especially when they are very useful! Here’s my first entry for my Mommy Finds blog – hoping it could help all mommies and mommies to be 🙂

Feeding Bottles

My daughter Liz uses two brands for her feeding bottles. Avent and Playtex-VentAire and I must say I love both brands!

Avent bottles are known for its wide mouth bottle opening which is why they are easier
to clean.


Playtex VentAire is slimmer so it’s an advantage when you travel with your kid. Its angled design is a plus too, as it helps promote an upright feeding which is advised by our Pediatrician.


Mommy Tip: Remember to purchase only BPA free feeding bottles for your child. Anti-Colic feature is a must too because a baby’s tummy is too sensitive, this feature is believed to help babies swallow less air to help reduce gas problems.

Cloth Diapers

I am crazy for Cloth Diapers and I love them so so much! Cloth Diapers help lessen diaper rash and is environment friendly too as we can use them over and over again. The designs are a plus too! Cloth Diapers are available at Baby Company (SM Department Stores). Three popular cloth diaper brands are Belle and Coco, Bamboo Dappy and Baby Leaf. Price starts at Php 320.00.



I met a soon to be mom at a Baby Shower I attended which was organized by Smart Parenting Magazine. She advised me that she loves onesies because babies can wear it at home since its very comfortable and there’s no need to change them when visitors arrived because it’s presentable as well.

My child uses onesies from Carters, Gerber and Mothercare. However, I also purchased onesies from Wee Essentials (available at SM Department Stores)  because they can be bought at a much cheaper price.

Pink-Mint-OnesiesGrooming Kit

I bought my daughter’s grooming kit at Sophie La Girafe, available at all Mothercare Stores. But since products from Sophie La Girafe is quite pricey, other options for grooming kits are also available at Baby Company. Summer Health and Grooming Kit and Safety First are good finds too.


Mosquito Repellent Stickers

Mosquito Repellent Stickers is a must have for your babies. I use Moskishield for my daughter because I think it is much safer rather than applying other mosquito repellent lotions/sprays on her sensitive skin.


 Feel free to share your good finds for the week too! Happy Shopping! 🙂

Love Chezkie