10 Things to Consider in Looking for a Pre-School

Finding a preschool can be both exciting and overwhelming especially for first time parents. My husband and I had been scouting schools near our neighborhood to find the perfect school for our daughter.  Luckily, we found one. And if you are a first time parent just like me, here are the things I had considered in choosing the right school for our little adventurer.



Location is a big factor for me since the traffic here in the Metro has come from bad to worse. I wouldn’t want my kid to come home very tired just because she’s stuck in traffic for hours. It’s also a plus if the location can be safer – like for example, inside a guarded village or not too close from the main roads.

Teacher’s Qualification

Since school fees are no joke, it is important for us to know where our money is going. Qualifications of the school teachers are important. You can ask what their specializations are, their  teaching experiences and how long they have been working at the school.

Teacher-Pupil Ratio

This is very important to me. I came from a small school when I was a kid, and I am a firm believer that the Teacher-Pupil ratio has a big effect on the quality of education. I turned one school down because of this. I asked the school what is the maximum number of students they can accept per class, the teacher answered 15. So I asked again, what will happen, if they have 16 enrollees for that year? I was expecting that they will open a new set of class for this – however, the teacher responded that they have bigger rooms which can accommodate more students when the need arises.

Stand on Bullying

I was bullied for the longest time when I was a kid. No one did anything to help me with my situation. Well, the thing is, no one knew, because no one asked. Although parents should always have an open communication with their children, I believe that the school also plays a vital role to prevent bullying too. Bullying can be prevented if both Parents and the School Organization will help each other hand in hand.

School Fees

Ask how much the yearly fees are and also prepare for other extra-curricular activities scheduled within the year – such as Field Trips, School Fairs, Christmas Parties, and so on. Be realistic and know your budget.

School Program

Check what their mode of teaching is and assess if this will work for your child. Find out what the typical day is like in the school. Schedule a sit in class to have a feel on what the school environment is.


It is also important to know the school’s approach to discipline is as this can make or break your child. Kids will be kids. Ask how they handle kids when they are misbehaving. The way they discipline their students should also be in line with your personal values as a parent.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities are a plus for me because not everything can be learned through books, home works and examinations. Ask what their activities outside the schools are and assess if this will help your child’s growth, creativity, and exposure to the outside world.

Parent Involvement

Ask how your child’s progress will be shared with you. It is important for parents to receive feedback and updates on a regular basis regarding the development of their children. Through this, we can check where our kids excel and which area are they having a hard time on and help them improve on this. Again, the school and parents should work as a team for the development and progress of our children.

Child Safety

We’ve been hearing news here and there regarding children being harassed inside the school campus. That can be very scary. Ask how the school hire their employees and check on their screening procedure. When your child is already in the campus, you have no way to protect them, so asking these questions can be very important.

Hoping this post had helped you figure out on what to look for and what to ask when looking for a pre-school. Good Luck with the school hunt! 🙂

Love Chezkie




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