Courageous Caitie


My dearest Courageous Caitie.

Hello there beautiful sweetheart. No you don’t know me – and yes I am a complete stranger. But I want to let you know that when you passed away, I cried every single day. I prayed for you. I prayed for your soul – and I prayed for your family’s healing.

Never thought I would cry and care for someone I had not even met. I had faith that you will be healed and that soon, the Lord will give us the miracle all of us had been praying for. But the Lord have a different plan for you. As said by your mom in her blog post, maybe, they raised you so well that your work here is all done and you even finished it before we even did.

I had a hard time accepting that you’re gone, and why these things had to happen. You are so beautiful. Your smile is just contagious. Your courage is unbelievable. Your love for God is admirable.

There are days when I wished that I did not follow your story so I would not be affected this much, but then I realized, if all of us would wished for the same thing, then your death would actually lose its meaning. I have learned a lot from your short yet sweet journey.

Because of you, I realized I should complain less – and thank more. My needs today are just material things – how lame right? But you, you are fighting to live and still manage to give us a smile.

Because of you, I realized that I needed to get to know Jesus more. That going to church and praying everyday are not the only responsibilities that I have with our creator. Your life and your death had shared Jesus in many, many ways.

Because of you, I realized that we should cherish quality time with our families. That I should not focus on the house hold chores and on getting all things done at once. I realized that it’s okay for my home to be a mess as long as we’re happy and we create happy memories to look back one day.

Because of you I realized that life is indeed short and we should make each moment count.

I don’t know how or why, but I feel that I love you Caitie. Somehow hard to believe, but that’s the “Caitie Mircale” I guess. I am still so, so sad about your death. Thank you for sharing your life with us. I will never forget that smile of yours, you little ball of courage.

Go ahead and play, dance and paint in heaven. We will forever remember you, Caitie!


Love, Chezkie


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