Reasons why I have no plans of Losing Weight

1. I am not a porn star, and I do not plan to be – so there’s no need to be all skinny because I have no plans of showing my body.

2. My clothes are medium sized – so that only means I am not thin but I am not fat either. My body type is average. The word is Average.

3. My happy place is watching Friends reruns and a munching on a bag of potato chips. I would not trade to be skinny just so I would look so cute when pouting my lips and making sad faces to the tune of Gwiyomi.

4. I had already accepted the fact that I will never be a Victoria Secret model.


5. I believe that the society is just plain cruel – and I am just pissed of the fact that  they think anything that is short of Mila Kunis’ body is classified as Fat.

6. Such comments from small minded and shallow people would lead others to have eating disorder problems and low self-esteem. I will not fall for that.

7. As Joey Tribbiani said: “I’m curvy and I like it!”

 8. Beauty and Sexiness is subjective.


9. Simply because I believe that I do not need to, because once again, I am not fat.

10. Every body type is different – and just so you know, behind this average body type, is a girl with a brilliant mind 🙂


Fifteen Gifts for your Significant Other

May is my boyfriend’s birthday month. So every year, I had been struggling to buy the perfect gift for him. After three years of being together, I am running out of creative ideas on what to buy for him. I feel like I already gave him most of the things that he wants that I can probably afford.  So for you girlies experiencing the same issue every year, here are fifteen more ideas to give your boyfriend, partner in life, and significant other. 🙂

Enroll Him in Classes

This tip was given to me by my ever so brilliant manager. He’s very passionate with learning new things, so he told me that this is something he would appreciate. Cooking lessons, Dance Classes, Yoga Sessions – whatever you think would work for him 🙂


Reasons Why I Love You

This maybe a little out there – but hey, this still works. Just add a little twist to it 🙂 Does not necessarily have to be about Love always, you can state reasons why your partner makes you happy, why you wont let him go, his cute and lovable habits, and many more. As long as it’s not negative. You can write it in a notebook, coupon cards, or game cards. Just be creative!



This would be a reminder of your love for him – every month! May it be a gym membership for a year, a subscription of his favorite magazine – may it be Time Magazine or FHM.

Outreach Program

The Gift of Giving is just priceless. Choose an institution that you know is close to his heart. The elderly, orphaned children, or people with special needs. This would also be an eye opening and an unforgettable experience for the both of you.

Surprise Party

Did it last year and it was awesome! Try to gather  his closest friends and surprise him. Trust me, his smiles, laughter and the clueless look on his face is worth all your hard work.

Throwback Birthday

Ask his closest friends and relatives to write down their favorite memory with your significant other. Did this just this year – and it was another fun experience too. Common denominator with all their letters is that  my boyfriend was  a good guy and a cheapskate! 🙂



Trust me, all men love shoes! 🙂

Scratch Map from Quirks

If you guys love to travel, this is a cool gift. My good friend showed this to me as this was his birthday present for his lovey-dovey. The deal is you need to scratch off the countries you had already been to. There are also some travel tips and trivia for some of the countries. You can also write down the music you had listened to, highlights of the vacation, and the friends you had met within the trip.


Scratch Maps available at Quirks for Php 1050

Instant Getaway

Now this may take some time to plan and if you are on a tight budget you also might need to save up first. Tip? Wait for a seat sale that many budget airlines are offering and book that flight! A day tour at Cebu just to pig out and take photos would be an unforgettable experience.

Mini Me

Who does not appreciate personalized gifts?


Mark’s Mini Me

His Hobby

Give him something related to his hobby – if he’s into golf, basketball, or playstation. Good thing my boyfriend does not like any of these things,  so I purchased a Lego set for him instead 🙂


Guilt Free Shopping

Take him somewhere you think he would appreciate and buy him whatever he wants.

King of the Day

Make him the King of the Day – treat him to buffet and to a spa for a free massage. Eat, Relax, and Enjoy!

His Favorite Home Cooked Meal for the Week

If he’s working and he always have problem deciding which fast food chain he should buy his lunch from, then this maybe a perfect gift for him. Spoil him for a week by cooking and preparing his work lunch for him, inclusive of delivery of course.

Relaxing Weekend

This would be my favorite! Book a hotel or schedule a sleep over and just do nothing. Just eat, laugh out loud and watch DVD marathons.

So there goes my Top 15!  Any ideas? Feel free to share 🙂

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There is more to Puerto Galera than its ever famous White Beach!

I together with my boyfriend and his college buddies went to Puerto Galera for a quick summer escapade. I am not really a big fan of Puerto Galera before because I felt that it’s too crowded and just not the place for me to relax and unwind. However, I changed my mind after our three day vacation as there is more to Puerto Galera than its ever famous white beach.

For our first day, we decided to enjoy the white beach and the restaurants around Puerto Galera. Watched Fire Dance, had a taste of Filipino foods and Mindoro Sling! We also love their fruit shakes, green mangoes, and chicharon which is sold almost everywhere!


For our second day, we decided to rent a boat for our island hopping. Boat rental usually costs around Php 2,000.00. However, if you wanted to snorkel, you need to rent a much smaller boat which cost Php 200.00 per person. Since we were a group of six, we bargained the price and they offered the boat rental plus snorkeling gears for only Php 150.00. The corals were beautiful as always. I am a big fan of underwater adventure even though I cannot swim that is why I enjoyed this a lot.


We had our lunch by the beach! Inihaw na Tilipia with Toyomansi for sawsawan. Best Lunch Ever! Their Grilled Fish only cost Php 130.00 (good for two).

Then for our final stop for our island hopping, we went to Bayanan beach for a quick swim. This would probably be the best beach in Puerto Galera. It’s very peaceful, and not too crowded. Totally, an undiscovered paradise.


After our island hopping, we rented a multi cab so we can visit Tamarraw and Aninuan Falls which is almost a 45 minute to one hour drive from the white beach.

Aninuan Falls was also a one of a kind adventure. We needed to ride a carabao to reach the falls, we also need to trek for around 15 more minutes to reach the top of the falls. The water was so cold which was perfect to beat the heat of the summer.

After our quick swim at Aninuan Falls, we hit the road again to take a glimpse of the Tukuran Hanging Bridge and Tamaraw Falls. Of course, I did not try the Hanging Bridge because I have fear of heights so I just leave the experience for my other friends to enjoy.



Since Puerto Galera is one of the nearest beaches here in the Metro, it’s a good place for your unplanned vacation AKA “biglaang lakad” 🙂 Try it for a quick weekend getaway!

How to go there:

Take a bus going to Batangas Port (Fare usually costs Php 130.00)
Boat Transfer from Batangas to White Beach (Two Way: Php 500)

Other fees include:
Terminal Fee: Php 30.00
Environmental Fee: Php 50.00