Year Two: The Sagada Adventure

Mark and I went to Sagada to celebrate our second year anniversary. Since we had been traveling a lot for the past two years, we just wanted a simple yet memorable celebration. In fact, all we wanted is a place away from the city, and a three day off from our laptops 🙂

We left Manila at around 12 midnight. Road trip to Baguio normally takes six hours. Bus fares costs about Php450.00. We arrived at Baguio City at around 6 in the morning, then, we went to Dangwa Station to catch buses going to Sagada.

The first bus leaves at 6:30 AM. Try to be there earlier to get comfortable seats. Road Trip to Sagada is another six long hours and costs at around Php 220.

We arrived at Sagada at 12:30 PM. We looked for a place to stay since we failed to make reservations. We stayed at Residential Lodge and they only charged us Php400 for our room per night (that’s Php200 per head). [Note: Try to book earlier to get rooms with private bathrooms which only costs Php300 per person. Since it was fully booked that time, we had no choice but to settle with rooms with shared restrooms 😦]  

After we took a rest from our 12 hour road trip, we walked around the peaceful streets of Sagada. Very quiet, at peace, the simplicity of life at its finest.

When I first found out that we are going to Sagada, I so wanted to visit the Anglican Church (St. Mary’s Episcopal Church) because of its interesting design. I am a big fan of old churches.

After visiting the church, Mark and I had our super late lunch at Masferre. Although their service is somehow disappointing, I love their interiors. It has that cabin look vibe that will make you feel that you are really in a vacation.

After our yummy lunch slash dinner, we went to grab some desserts at Yoghurt House. I love their Yogurt. This is a must try!

Our second day is jam-packed with activities! We need a heavy breakfast to start off our day. We ate at Bana’s  since most of the restaurants are still closed at 6:00 AM. They serve authentic red rice, and their longanisa is a must try too 🙂

We rented a car for Php1000.00. Although some tourists opt to walk instead, I just don’t have the energy for it. It is best to be in groups if you guys are going to Sagada. The more, the merrier, the cheaper!

First Stop: Bomod-Ok Falls

It’s a one hour trek to reach Bomod-Ok Falls. It was raining when we went there, so we needed to purchase plastic bags to wear as our jackets so we would not get wet. Wear comfy slippers, sandals, or shoes! The path is somehow slippery. Thanks to our ever understanding tour guide, Ate Juni, for taking care of me during the tour.

It’s best to contact them first before going to Bomod-Ok Falls as they may be doing their rituals. You may contact Ate Juni at 0999.453.7054 so you may verify with her if a ritual is currently ongoing. Tour guide cost: Php 600 (one tour guide for a group of ten people).

Next Stop: Lumiang Burial Cave/ Sumaguing Cave

We first visited Lumiang Burial Cave to check out their famous hanging coffins. It is a traditional belief that these souls will be blessed eternally. You can actually go near the coffins and take photos as souvenirs.

The tour guide fee for the Sumaguing Cave is around Php 500. Now, this drained every ounce of energy I had stored in my body – seriously. I almost cried. This is one of the most challenging vacations I ever had to date!

My biggest thanks again to Kuya Andrew for being patient with the “lampa” kiddo in me. Again, it is best to wear comfy and durable sandals/slippers for this activity. It is also advised that you wear shorts (with cycling or inner wear) or jogging pants, whichever works for you.

Although our second and last day was so tiring, it was definitely worth it. Sagada is a one of a kind experience. A fun and thrilling adventure. Undeniably, it’s really more fun in the Philippines!