Surprise Birthday Bash. The Story.

A few weeks ago, I planned a surprise party for my boyfriend’s 26th birthday. It was a bit stressful but oh so worth it. Just so I wouldn’t get caught, I buy the things that I need for the much awaited surprise during work days before my shift starts. So there are days, when I report to work carrying a big bag with me with balloons, birthday banners and decors. So just in case you are planning to throw a surprise party for someone you love, here are some of my tips:

Know who to invite

I was thinking if I would invite all of Mark’s friends or just a specific group but I decided to go with the latter since I am not so sure if both of us can deal with entertaining all of his friends in one day. I believe this decision is the safest so no group would be out of place during the event and the party would not seem so stressful for the celebrant as well.

The Invitation

Thanks to Facebook sending invites now is easier than ever. If only Facebook exists when I celebrated my 18th birthday years ago! I created the event a month before my target date, so I would know ahead of time who of his friends would be available, and for them to save the date for the event.

The Place

I rented a suite at Astoria Plaza for Mark’s Party. I had three options then, Linden Suites, Millenia Suites and Astoria Plaza. I decided to go for Astoria because I do not like the elevators at Linden and the receptionist at Millenia Suites was not very accommodating when I called to inquire about their services. Lucky for me, Astoria was a good choice. Their rooms were the same as the photos and I was not disappointed at all. I was also satisfied with their service J Two thumbs up to Astoria!

The Food

For the food, I decided to just leave it all to Ambers since they are not so expensive and kinda popular especially for us, yuppies. I ordered their House Specialty, Palabok and Pichi Pichi, Lumpiang Shanghai, Barbecue, and Chicken Lollipop. Also, my good friend, Joyce provided us her mom’s specialty, Beef Caldereta as a gift to Mark.

The Decors

With Joyce’s help, I made a tarpaulin, for Mark’s birthday banner. Since the check in time at the hotel was 2pm and the party is at 3:30, I only have more than an hour to jazz up the place. The pressure is on. Thanks to my girlfriend Joycie for helping me out and for understanding that I can be very masungit when I’m under pressure. For the party decors, I only have two birthday banners and balloons. But I suggest that if you have time, tassels and ribbons are kinda cool too!

Party Needs

I bought Party Hats, Noise Makers and Party Poppers to make the party more fun   and so the Surprise part for Mark would be a little more exciting! I also purchased colorful disposable cups, plates and utensils. I bought Cars themed party favors since it’s the only choice I got at Toys R Us. Mark has no favorite cartoon character and Cars is the clearest and safest choice.

The Lie

So you won’t get caught, it’s important for you to construct a believable lie. Well, since I am not pretty good at the lying part, I just told Mark that as a birthday treat, we can have a relaxing weekend at Astoria. Good thing that Mark is not hard to please – and just the idea that the hotel has a swimming pool made him very excited.

I am very happy that the party was a success. It was fun planning it and it made me the happiest seeing my Mark very happy. My biggest thanks to my good friend Joyce and Mark’s friends for making it all happen. My appreciation and happiness is just beyond words.