I love Hong Kong – obviously. The first country I had ever been to and I keep on coming back. Here’s why:

1. Great Food
A lot of people will agree when I say Hong Kong = Great Food.From street foods, delicacies, cheap restaurants to fine dining. Hui Lau Shan is a must try! Even though we visited HK on such a cold weather, we cant resist this cold-healthy dessert. My friends and I are also nuts about Choi Kee – a restaurant we accidentaly discovered – their Lemon Chicken is so mouth watering. Their street foods are yummy too! Cheap foods for people on the go. Sweet Corn, Squid Balls, Dried Grilled Squid to name a few. Just writing this entry of my blog makes me want to book another flight to HK.

Choi Kee

Hui Lau Shan

2. Disneyland

I had been to Disneyland more than I had been to Enchanted Kingdom. Crazy, I know. This a place for the young ones – and the young once. Disney really make your dreams come true. The parades, the show, their souveneir items, and fireworks display brings out the kid in you. I was teary eyed when I first saw their fireworks display. Its just beyond words. Its a good thing that when I first saw it, I was with my special sonmeone which makes it more memorable.

3. Weather
We always book our flights on February since we want to experience the cold HK weather. Its just perfect.

4. Shop Till You Drop
Ladies Market, Temple Street Market, H&M, Cotton On and countless store outlets. You can find everything in the streets of HK – shoes, jackets, bags, wallets, souveneirs, paintings – name it, they probably have it. Cheap yet fab finds. So my dear girlies, wear your most comfortable shoes and get ready!

5. Gadget Lover’s Paradaise
Apple Gadgets, Cameras, Laptops, Hard Drives, Lenses – they are all here. If your a gadget lover, and you have the money for it, HK is a paradaise for you. To the guys out there, maybe, while your girls are busy searching for cheap finds along the streets of Kowloon, you might want to check out Mong Kok for their gadget stores. Learn how to haggle and ask for freebies.

6. A Walk in the Park
I love walking – and the streets of HK are just perfect. You wont get bored strolling around the streets of HK as you will see a lot of interesting places and people as well. From beggars asking money, to entertainers doing magics and playing unusual music instruments.

7. Show the Fashionista in You

HK I guess is the nearest place where you can wear your boots, long coats, furrs, gloves, and earmuffs and you wont be a fashion victim. Since the weather here is uber cold, its just appropriate to wear these and be your fashionable self.

8. Hong Kong Airport
HK was the first country I had ever been to, so I was amazed with their airport. Imagine my reaction when I found out that I needed to ride a train from their airport just to go to the airport’s exit. Plus, you also wont get bored from the two hour waiting since there are a lot of shops inside.

9. Side Trips

You can either visit Macau or Shenzhen when you go to HK for a vacay. Very practical. Hitting two countries on one vacation.

10. Convenience and Safety
Their mode of transportation is very convenient. Train, ferries, cab, buses, and trams would make it easier for any tourist to enjoy Hong Kong. Its a safe place too. You would not feel even an ounce of panic walking around their streets during midnight.

I’m planning an HK trip again next year. Isnt it obvious how much I love the place?