Secrets to a Happy Relationship

Oh well, I am not a relationship guru – and I do not try to be. Its just that Mark and I are celebrating our one year and six month anniversary today. Kinda weird for some, but half a year is worth celebrating, right? Anyways, its been a while since my last post, and I am in the mood to doodle just anything today – since the work load is kinda light. So there, below are my list to a happy relationship (well, it worked – atleast for us):

1. Surprise Each Other
Who doesn’t love surprises? A gift even with no occasion just shows how thoughtful one person can be. Surprise visits at the workplace can turn a tiring shift into something unforgettable. I believe that surprises plays an important role in a relationship. I love surprises – giving them and receiving them. That extra thoughtfulness in you would just make your partner feel so loved.

2. Distance = a chance to appreciate each other
Remember the old cliche you’ll never know what you got till its gone? This is so true. Sometimes when we lose someone, we missed them and realize their worth. My partner has been my officemate for the past year, and after I resigned, I appreciated our skype conversations, our lunch dates, and our weekends more. Sometimes, it takes an absence to value presence.

3. Learn the language of love
A hug, a kiss, holding hands, eye contacts – whatever works for you. If the moment comes when you feel like hugging someone, hug them. Or when you want to say your I love you’s and get so mushy – do it. Never miss an opportunity to show someone how you feel.

4. Be proud of your partner
She chose to be with you – so you better be worth it. Don’t be ashamed to post your photos (that is not too intimate to share) on facebook, or hold her hands in public. Being proud of your loved ones is not too much to ask.

5. Learn how to say compliments
If she looks pretty in her new floral dress, or he looks so cute with his new haircut – say it. Everyone loves compliments no matter how they deny it plus it feels good because you’re getting it from someone special.

6. Do something different
Doing something different does not necessarily mean it has to be expensive. Just be creative and learn to have fun. You can visit your alma matter, eat street foods, ride a bike together, lay on the grass, and just be totally crazy. Anything new can be exciting.

7. Respect Space
If he needs to have time with his friends, respect that. When he’s out on parties, I think its best not to bombard him with text messages. If he loves you or thinks about you, he knows you are an SMS away. If he does not feel comfortable sharing Facebook Passwords and stuff like that, give him that space. Trust is the key here.

8. Be Faithful
They say that trust when lost is hard to regain – so take care of it once you have it. Although some women forgives and forget, more often than not – the pain remains inside their hearts. Don’t be the reason why she’d end up hating men.

9. Acceptance
No one is perfect so stop looking for the leading man in the chic-flick you just watched in your boyfriend. Your boyfriend may not fill your bedroom with post its of reasons why he loves you – but he might do something a little more spectacular than that. Learn to appreciate the little things – thank him for sacrificing hours of sleep so he can visit you at home before his shift starts on Valentines Day. Thank him for finding a perfect restaurant to eat on your Sundate! Its the little and realistic things that matters. Accept him for who he is and who he is not. No one’s perfect – even you.

10. Love Completely
Love like you’ve never been hurt before. The best feeling in the world is to love and be loved. If you’re lucky enough to find someone to love, take care of it. It took me twenty five years to feel what its like – and it sure is worth the wait.

Something to think about:
Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.