The Year that Was

2011 has been a fruitful year for me. I thought 2010 has been the best, but everything just gets better. Here’s a recap!

My first new year with Mark – what a way to start the year!


✽ First valentines Date. Mark surprised me with a visit and a tulip on his hand.
✽ First out of the country trip with my boyfriend. Mark and I together with his college friends went to Hong Kong for a five day escapade. My first group travel! It was so fun – Paolo is one of the funniest guy I had ever met.

✽ A list wont be completed without someone getting married right? My childhood friend Joie and long time boyfriend Jerome got married this month.
✽ Mark and I bought running shoes since this is our new initiative for the month. Healthy Living. Oh well, hadnt used it until now.


First year at Hubwoo, first year as an excitibanker and a promotion. Blessings indeed 🙂

✽ Mark’s 25th Birthday. Bought him his very own MiniMe as a present. He doesnt like it!

✽ My first time to meet his family. One of the best feeling any girl could have ever felt. Met more of his family at his brother’s wedding. They’re amazing and I love them! :’)

✽ The bigger the better – new eConnect team mates joins Hubwoo.
✽ Went to Cavinti with my Citibank family. Non stop Jump Shots!

After five years – Boracay I’m so back. Mark and I went to Bora this month. Underwater adventure, massage by the beach, best shakes, powder-like white sand, seafoods – whatelse could go wrong?

Since I had moved out, cooking has been my new hobby. This month, I learned how to cook Spicy Tuna Pasta, which to-date has been Mark’s constant request. Thank God for good friends who shares amazing recipes.

First year Anniversary. Looking back, everything seems so fast, which I believe is a good thing, because as they say time flies when you’re having fun, right? We went to Ilocos for a celebration. Unfortunately, there was a typhoon that weekend. Amidst the typhoon, Vigan was still so beautiful. Indeed a blast from the past.

Hellllooo Bangkok! I finally had the chance to visit Thailand. Every girl would love it because of their night markets. Loved the people, the temples, the food! One of my best vacations to date.

Just turned 26! Man, I’m old 🙂 Had an early birthday celebration with my family at home, then Mark and I Went to Coron, Palawan for an adventure of a lifetime. Being in a place you’ve never been to, talking to strangers, having the opportunity to swim with the world’s most colorful sea creatures,not knowing where to eat the next day. This is a vacation!

Our last getaway for the year – Bohol. It was our first time there. Indeed, a break from everything. I had to admit that this month was kinda rough for our relationship. We fought a lot over nonsense things that sometimes we dont even know what we are fighting about. The vacation had helped us in a way to work things out. Thank you Lord for constantly guiding us :’)

Everything has been fast paced for me. An ex collegue offer me a job for Hewlett Packard so I needed to let go of my current job at Hubwoo.I also had to moved out from my apartment since its pointless living there. It wasnt easy letting go of things you had been used to but as they say, any change is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts – but one should always be willing to surrender what they are for what they could become. Positivity, nothing but. 🙂

Each happy endings have brand new beginnings. Thank you, Hubwoo for the memories.

I hope everyone had a fun 2011 too. Cheers to an amazing 2012! Peace, Love and Happiness!.♥


My Hubwoo Goodbye Email :’)

Today will be my last day here in Hubwoo – and I would like to thank a few people who had made my stay here a memorable one:

Marvs – for being more of a friend than a boss to me. I appreciate everything that you had done for me and the rest of the team. Thanks also for sharing UNX with me during my EU days 🙂

Dong – who had given me the prettiest nickname PESHKIE! You had been my team buddy since day one. My new workplace would be weird without you sitting next to me! Thanks for everything my friend, I dont think I’d be able to meet someone as crazy and as intelligent as you are. Hail Satan 🙂

Kay – for teaching me everything I know about Trading Services and for crowining me as the TS Queen. Thank you Kay! You are amazing in so many ways. 🙂

Lex – Thank you Lex for introducing me a workplace named Hubwoo. I owe you a lot. Thank you Lex for being a mentor, a big bro, and a friend.

Monitoring Team – you guys are the future of eConnect. I hope when our paths crossed again one of these days, all of you would still be as passionate as you are now. My only regret is that I hadnt bond with you as much as I could. (Maria, Clinton and Kantony – whenever I watch Friends, I will forever remember you girls – since I guess all of us are crazy about this show that we memorize their lines for the past 10 seasons)

Aller and Fred – Thank you guys for the free eConnect SL2 trainings. I know I am also speaking on Dong’s behalf when I say that we had learned a lot from you guys. Thank you for backing us up especially during the first few months of our production days as L2 support. I had never met someone this brilliant yet so humble.

The US Team – I will definitely miss the Morning sessions with you guys. Thank you for all the meaningful conversations and for always making me feel more than welcome even though I am not a part of your team.

Migs and Larry – Pag dumaan ako nang Insular Building, isa lang ang masasabi ko, I have a friend there 😛 Thank you for making me laugh all the time!

SOE girls – Priscilla, Janina, Reina and Miss Flor – Thank you for making me start my shift with a smile whenever I pass by the locker area.

To all the exHubwooers – Win, Aaron, and Mags, who had also been dear to me, thank you as you had inspired me as well in so many ways.

Mark – saved the best for last – thank you for everything my ever supportive boyfriend! You had made Hubwoo a very memorable place to me 😉

To the rest – thank you guys for your warmth upon knowing me and for making me realize that its also fun living here in the south 😉 Keep in touch! 🙂

Peace Love and Happiness!