Things I love about Thailand

I went to Thailand a few months ago for a vacation – and I loved it. Here’s why:

1. Thai Airport
Their airport is just so futuristic! I was quite amazed when I first landed in Bangkok. Airport creates a huge first impression to tourists –  so I just wish NAIA would be developed – someday! =)

2. Thai Food
Well if you know me, you would have to agree if I say that I am so choosy when it comes to food! But I love everything here in Thailand! From their street food to their native dishes!

3. Night Market
Good finds at low cost! Too bad we were not able to visit Chatuchak Market which is where the cheap finds are. Luckily their Patpong Night Market is open until 1am! For me, this is a girl’s place because my boyfriend had a hard time finding what to buy for himself. Thank God he is patient enough to wait for me.

4. Temples
This I think is their main tourist attraction and basically what Thailand is best known for. We went to Ayutthaya – and although it was two hours away from Bangkok, it was worth it. Everything there is just a picture perfect spot.

5. Bangkok Loft Inn
I love this place – and if you’re planning a Bangkok getaway, this is one of the perfect places to stay. Loved their staff, their oh so cute mini buffet breakfast, their location and their rooms. Plus the rate is not so expensive too. True value for your money!

6. Tuktuks
Just like jeepneys here in Manila, Tuktuks made everything across Bangkok seem to be within your reach. However, if you’re a first timer, beware as they may charge you way too much. I read blogs before going to Bangkok, and this is normally their heads up. Lucky for me, our tuktuk driver in Ayutthaya was just the nicest, although we were fooled by one driver who bought us to this expensive jewelry shop instead of China Town.

7. KFC Egg Tart and Oversized Dutchmill
My boyfriend and I loved EggTarts from KFC and their oversized dutchmill – plus it only cost us 20 Baht. Dessert at a cheap cost!

8. Elephants
This is the closest I had been with Elephants. I so love them. Their the sweetest and the nicest. We went to Sam Phran to watch an Elephant show. Its two hours away from Bangkok though, but its worth your time since you’d experience to feed them and touch them.

9. Cheap Prices
Since Baht is almost equal with Philippine Peso, things there are pretty cheap – the food, the accomodation, souvneirs and pasalubongs.

10. Train Rides
Trains made everything accessible for us. Its a plus that the hotel we were staying in was just a five minute walk from  the BTS station. Its my first time to ride a railway train too – so its a memorable experience.

11. Tamarind
I had always been a fan of tamarinds from Thailand as this has been the ultimate pasalubong of my friends who visit Bangkok – sweet, sour, and a bit spicy. Yumyum!

12. Thai Massage
After a long walk of sight seeing, nothing beats a relaxing foot massage from Thai natives. The best!

Hopefully,  I’d be able to visit Thailand again. This time, I want to try their Floating Market, Lady Boy Show, Thai Whole Body Massage and ofcourse, Chatuchak Market =)