Back in the days when courtship was…

Don’t you just miss those days when courtship was either simpler or more complicated. Nowadays, everything is just made too easy – because of  technology, everything is just there, handed to you.

No more mix tapes – or even burnt cds atleast. Well, I never experienced to receive one and that made me more sad. In exchange of these sweet and uber romantic mix tapes, guys nowadays just create playlist on your ipods or post a youtube link of a music video on your facebook page. Sad and lame.

No more landline calls. Well atleast I experienced this era. Dont you just miss that feeling when you feel nervous because you just have no clue who would be at the end of the receiver? Would it be her strict dad, her oh so sweet nanny, or just her evil bitch sister? Those two hour long phonecalls, and you just don’t want to hung up, so you just pee even though you’re on the phone.

I am glad that guys nowadays still give flowers – since I can still see bouquet of flowers photos being uploaded by friends over facebook. The valentines date are still there, photobooks, scrapbooks, photocollages, engagements, music videos, first dance, weddings, teddy bears, chocolates, love letters and hallmark cards.

I hope the next generation would still experience this stuff too. I believe in courtship – and that for me it is one of the most fun and unforgettable part of a relationship. Some say its just best foot forward, so it does not make any sense, but don’t you just appreciate the fact that a guy would do anything just to please you and make you happy? Every girl does.


Touring Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod as we hit our First Year! ♥

My boyfriend and I went to Ilocos to celebrate our first year anniversary. It’s my second time there – my first was still when I was in College and my family and I only stayed at Laoag.

This time, I planned to visit Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpod. Luckily, I was able to do it – as planned – even though typhoon Mina hit Ilocos big time. Talk about luck.

We arrived at Laoag at around 11pm. It was raining like crazy when we hit their airport. Since we were on a tight budget, we did not request for any hotel pick ups. It’s a good thing that there was a jeepney there offering to drop you off at the place you are about to stay at a cheap cost of Php 50 per person.

We spend our night at Balay de Blas. I did not expect the room to be that huge. I love Balay de Blas. Excellent Customer Service indeed! Thank you Elsie and Mel for making our stay there memorable.

Our next stop was Vigan. And I was really excited about this place. It was really a blast from the past – and would really make you proud about being a Filipino. Calle Crisologo would have to be my favorite. Walking there hand in hand with my special someone made this vacation more than perfect. Simple yet amazing.

Mark and I also toured Vigan via Calesa. I  think they charged us 150 per hour – and it took us roughly 4 hours to see the beauty of Vigan. We went to the Bell Tower, Padre Burgos Musuem, Baluarte Zoo, places where pots  and those little knitted stuffs where made. Quite an amazing experience.

After that tiring tour, we went back to Hotel Salcedo to freshen up. There, Mark accidentally gave me my anniversary present. A chariol ring which I had been crushing for the past  months now. Although the ring was lovely – it was the anniversary card that melted my heart. He wrote there what the ring symbolizes and a thorough explanation about my nonsense complaints. Right there and then, I knew that I found all that I had been waiting for.

Third stop – Pagudpod. I think typhoon Mina is at its peak during these times. Even in the midst of typhoon, Mark and I still played with the beach waves!

Just in case you guys are planning an Ilocos trip – here are your must do list!

Visit Old Churches
Old Places = Great Photography.

Knowing your Roots
Ask natives there about the place’s history. You’ll surely be surprised.

Calesa Ride
Such a Smooth Sailing Ride.

Truly an Ilocos Pride

A Walk to Remember
Walking around Calle Crisologo is really peaceful and romantic.

They put some special ingredient in their Lomi. Yummy and inexpensive too.

Buy Native Products
Im such a big fan of native products. Its also very cheap there too – compared to their prices here in Manila.

Bagnet and Vigan Longonissa
A little dosage of cholesterol is not that bad.

So there, that’s how Mark and I celebrated our anniversary!

Hopefully, we can visit Ilocos again minus the typhoon.

Uncle Cheffy

I tried the new resto that was launched in Lipa last weekend – Uncle Cheffy. And since it was newly opened in Batangas, they offered 20 percent discount on your total bill.

I love their interior design – very cozy. There were logs embossed on their walls which makes you feel like you’re on a picnic. The food was also superb – not too pricey and are in big servings.

Since I am not a pizza lover – its surprising that I love their Pizzas. Talk about thin crust.  For me, this is a must try!

Junior Crazy Bacon (Php 90.00)

For their main course, we tried out their Memphis Barbecue served with marble potatoes.

The twist? They serve it with three sauces. Chimichurri Tomato salsa, Memphis Barbecue Sauce. You’re choice.

As an accompaniment, we also ordered their Asian Fried Rice.

Their restroom are the cutest too!

Restroom for Men

Restroom for Women

If you have the time, you can visit their branches at Eastwood Mall,  Alimall, Mall of Asia, Ortigas Centre and Nuvali.

Positivity. Nothing But.

I work as a Technical Specialist for a cloud procurement here in  Alabang. I was thinking of quitting and had been doing some interviews for other companies. However I am still not so sure whether to quit or  not to quit since I had an issue with my present company and I believe that I am still at the peak of my emotions.

Like what they always say – sit back,  relax and carefully think things through.

Perks of staying.

The Comfort.
I had been with my present company for one year and five months – so basically its at this time where an employee gets comfortable with everything.

The Feeling of Independence.
Since I live at Quezon City – and work in Alabang – my dad allowed me to move out. So I am staying here in the South five days a week. Although I miss my family so much, I enjoy the feeling of living alone. Cooking for yourself, paying the bills, doing the groceries – being totally independent.

My Team and The Boss.
I love my team so much. They are just the best set of people. My boss is more than a friend than that of a supervisor. That for me is a major plus!

The Workload.
I had been a bank slave for the first three years of my professional  life. Though the work here seems kinda tough, its still nothing compared to my previous company.

Internet Freedom.
I am connected all the time. I can access Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Multiply, YouTube – and everything across the world wide web.

Why Leave?

No sense of Camaraderie.
No matter how much  they deny it – this is a BPO. One thing that  bothers me is the way some employees treat their colleagues.

I once read an email from a colleague in Bonn that says:
” I don’t want to set up my tent on shifting sands..”

What the f*ck is that? Professionalism? I doubt.

Poor Human Resource Department.
A smile can go a long way – and it really is a difference maker.

The Management.
I don’t think this company knows how to value loyalty. Sad but true.

So there – a tough decision to make.
Wish me luck. =)

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Take chances, make mistakes. That’s how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave.”
– Unknown

Banapple Date.♥

Mark and I wanted so bad to try Banapple. But they only have few branches. Katipunan, Thomas Morato, and Greenhills. When we went to Greenhills, we could not find the Banapple Branch there so we ended up eating at Le Ching. Beef Brisket as always!

This morning, we finally had our first taste of Banapple! We visited their branch at Ayala Triangle.

I tried their Grandma’s Corn Chowder – a bit overpriced, but oh-so-yummy.

Then I ordered their Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs, since their staff told us that its their  bestseller. Result: A satisfied and full Chezkie!

Mark tried out Chicken Breast Parmigiano – which was highly recommended by their crew as well. It tasted like pasta – since the chicken was topped with tomato sauce. Big Serving! So my always-hungry Mark was so full! (Well, he should be, since he ate Mcdonalds Breakfast Meal before we visited Banapple)

Though I am not a food critic, I am giving Banapple 4 out of 5 stars – since for me, they are a cheaper version of Momo! Plus I super love the place – very homey.

Banapple Cakes are so mouth watering!

Their muffins and over-sized cookies would make you forget that you had a bad day and you just had a lousy and tiring shift.

(Their Muffins/Cookies prices ranges from Php 70.00 – Php 145.00 per piece)

My New Favorite! Fat & Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

Even their restrooms are themed.

Chezkie ♥’s Banapple.