The Many First

The First Skype (Thank You Aaron!)

The First Movie Date

The First Food We Ate Together

The First Picture

The First Flowers

The First Out of Town Trip

The First Christmas Getaway

The First Photo Booth Shot

The First Invitation We Received as a Couple

The First Valentines Day

The First Out of The Country Trip

His First Birthday With Me

The First American Idol Season We Watched Together

The First Summer Getaway

The First Year

Thank you baby for an amazing year!
You had given me the happiest 12 months of my life.


The not so usual morning SMS

Yesterday I got a usual morning text from my boyfriend and it says:

Good morning baby! I love you. 6 days to go.

Him pertaining to our first anniversary on the 27th.

Me, being the oh-so-usual drama queen, I replied

Tatagal ka pa kaya nang 6 days sa akin?

His reply?

Oo naman. 6 weeks. 6 months. 6 years. 6 decade. 6 Century pa yan.

And that melted my heart – like it was never bruised before. :’)

Let the countdown begin – 6 days!
Keeping my fingers crossed.

Woot Woot! ♥

Something that might inspire you:
Dreams and love are just words – until you decide to experience them.