Brace Yourself – The Truth is never easy to listen to

You know what I learned Β today, that people may smile at you, but they actually hate your guts. They may laugh at your jokes but they don’t totally get it. That people are just happy if there are intrigues and issues. Not all men are noble – well actually a lot of them aren’t.

Brace yourself – the truth is never easy to listen to. I am hoping for a flimsy week next week!
Times like this, I miss you Citibank. 😦
Posted: 24 June 2011

Boracay Getaway

My boyfriend and I went to Boracay for a three day vacation. It was a needed getaway from us. A break from work, from reality and a great escape from everything and anything.

We stayed at Island Jewel Inn since I heard great reviews about this place from the net. But it was in Station 3 – too bad. My first bora trip was way back in college, so I assumed that Station 3 was just near and we can just walk if ever we wanted to go where the happening was. But walking back and forth was really tiring even though you’re at the beach. But that’s the only flaw I saw at that Inn, since their receptionist was very nice and accommodating. Thanks Anna for making our Boracay Trip fun with your warmth upon having us πŸ™‚

❀ The First Night

Since Mark and I are both cheapskate, and my friend here told me that its totally okay to take the Kalibo flight instead of Caticlan, Mark and I were super tired already when we reached Boracay.

Mark and I are both doing night shifts, we lack sleep – for us not to miss our 130 flight. It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Caticlan. And we also had a hard time searching for the place we were supposed to stay. Since I was not very much prepared with this trip compared to my other getaways, I forgot to get the address of the Inn, so I had to call my officemate so he could search the Net for it. Thank you Aaron for the help! πŸ™‚

Mark and I did nothing but walk around the beach and enjoy the powder like sand that Bora is best known for. After that, we had our dinner at Hawaiian Barbecue. Like. Like. Like. Super Delicious!

Then pampered ourselves for a full body massage beside the beach. Vacation indeed!

❀ Day Two

We only have one full day to enjoy Boracay, so our second day was jam-packed with activities.

We had our breakfast at Island Nook, since Mark wanted to try the place. Nothing special about the food, or the resto itself. But I love the wall designs since I am a big fan of old school pictures.

Then we tried Jonah’s Shake, since everytime I googled Boracay Must Do’s – Jonah’s Shake appears to be a must try. Mark thought the shake was over priced and ordinary, but I love it. I love it that I needed to buy another drink before we leave the next morning.

Their best seller is choco banana peanut, but I don’t like it that much. I would rather recommend mango avocado!

After that we tried Helmet Diving. Dizziness at its finest! I was totally scared the entire time I was there. I’m scared that I might slip, and lose the helmet, or I might not be able to breathe properly. The longest 20 minutes of my life I guess. The under the sea experience was fun too. An oversized coral, and colourful little fishes surrounding you – what more could amaze you?

After that, we rented an ATV to tour some parts of Bora. It was fun, especially for a girl like me who cant drive – or even ride a bike.

Then we went home, took a shower, visited Talipapa, had seafoods for lunch and enjoyed the beach!

After that, we took a nap first before we grab some dinner. Unfortunately though, I suffered from severe back pain – maybe due to the massage that was given to me. Had our dinner at a Japanese resto at Station 1. Shibaya – if I remember it correctly. The owner was quite nice to us, that he even offered us some rice wine. I love freebies and I am a sucker for excellent customer service!

❀ Third Day – Going Home

We woke up early to make the most out of our last day. Our first stop? Real Coffee and Tea Cafe to have a taste of their ever famous Calamansi Muffins.

Yummy. Yummy. Yummy.

Sadly, the muffins were not meant for us to take home as pasalubong for our families. The night before, we went there and the store was already closed, and when we visited them that morning, there was just one muffin left to order. Just for me and Mark to share – and atleast say that we tasted it.

Calamansi Muffins at 45Php per Piece
Available in Box of 12’s at Php 540.

After that, we ate yummy Goto for our breakfast. Then we walked as if bidding Boracay and this escapade goodbye.

So there, that wraps off our Boracay adventure. I’m hoping to see Boracay for the third time maybe next year. Hopefully by that time, we can visit The Lazy Dog Resto because Mark wanted to visit this resto so badly!

What a Girl Wants, What a Girl Needs

And since I’m a self confessed material girl, here’s a list of my wants for today:

1. Herve Chapelier
So far I like the purple one.

Available at Accessory Lab, Rockwell
Check out:

2. Cath Kidston

Super chic. Super Girly.
Any girl would love it.

Available at Accessory Lab, Rockwell

3. Tkees (Pronounced as T-keys)

Tkees are now available at The Flatshop in Greenhills. Prices starts Php 2300 up.

The Flatshop is located at Connecticut Arcade, Greenhills Shopping Center
Check out:

Pick your color! πŸ™‚
Definitely more fashionable than your rubber flip flops.

4. Longchamp Coin Purse

I just purchase a fushia pink tote bag last month, now I want the coin purse to go with it.

You could actually customize your longchamp ladies, visit:

5. Baby Phat – Goddess

Super love the scent, and the bottle, and the freebies that goes with it. When I got my first baby phat perfume which was a gift from my uncle from the states, it comes with a cute box and a travelling bag in LEOPARD PRINT! You should have seen my smiles and jumps when it was handed to me. I so love Kimora Lee.

In the Philippines, check out Rustans for Baby Phat products.

6. Bag Organizer

I definitely need this one. Since I throw practically everything and anything inside my oversized bag.

For my travel savvy friends, this is a must have!
If you actually roam around Greenhills Shopping Center, there are some cheap finds there.

Check out:

7. Envirosax

I actually own two envirosax already. One in black, and one with a kiddo print, but now they have new designs available. Its pretty helpful too, since I am now renting slash working in Alabang where plastic bag is a no-no! Who says you can’t be fashionable while doing the groceries and saving the environment?

Check out their cute designs at:

Available at Fully Booked and Hobbes and Landes.

8. Cute notebooks

I doodle when I have nothing to do – and I write just to release my stress. So cutee notebooks can make me happy. Check out notebooks from Peter Pauper, Filed and Jordi Labanda.


Peter Pauper

Jordi Labanda

All these cutie notebooks are available at all Fully Booked Branches.


9. Charriol Ring

My colleague here at my present work told me once he finds it a desperate move if a girl purchase her own ring. But who cares right? Its cute, and its girly – so I love it.

For some jaw dropping finds – check:

10. Charm Bracelet

Any girl would love one – but I want to have it personalized though. I am thinking of a theme.

And now I am inspired to save!
Hoping my boss would pass by this page and think of giving the material girl in me a raise!