My 2011 Bucket List

Few things that I had been longing to do:

– Move out and find a cheaper place to rent
– Get a dog
– Clean my closet
– Clean my room
– Plan an out of the country vacay for this year – and make it happen
– Read and finish a good book
– Run.
– Get my masters
– Paint
– Doodle
– Laugh out Loud
– Eat Munchkins until my throat hurts
– Meet up with my college friends
– Hit the beach
– Love less
– Eat at Bubba Gump
– Go somewhere I had never been
– Witness something spectacular
– Watch the stars
– Picnic
– Lie on the grass
– Get my college yearbook
– Join a bazzaar
– Visit Candice
– Visit The Golden Acres
– See my grandfather
– Bring my grandmother flowers
– Movie date with Mamicar and Ines
– Buy a new Jacket
– Write a story and have it published
– Change someone’s life.
– A family reunion
– Bungee Jump
– Ride a rollercoaster
– Climb a mountain
– Cruise
– Drive
– Buy the most expensive bag my salary could afford
– Be a kid’s nanny for a day
– Close a credit card
– Print all my pictures and have it organized in an album
– See pyramids
– See a windmill
– Dance in the moonlight
– Visit a cemetery at night
– A romantic dinner at the top of a building
– Witness a proposal
– A facebook free week
– Banaple
– Plant a tree
– Arrange flowers
– Tour a street kid on a theme park
– Visit all the disney land in the world
– Universal Studios
– See Johnny Depp
– Attend a ball
– Attend a dinner dance party
– Attend a prom (since I never experience one)
– See fireworks with my name written on it
– Ride a bike
– My own thumbling shot
– Visit Hershey World and shop until I drop
– Live in an island for a week
– Visit an old house with antique appliances
– Buy a new bed
– Get the cutest lampshade
– A new bed table
– Save
– Nail Art
– New make up kit and brushes
– Own a charm bracelet
– Give everything a good cry and forgive and forget everything thats painful
– Find twitter followers
– Talk to an old man
– Staight my hair, curl it and then chop it
– Eyelash extensions
– Visit the church where my parents got married

So there, so far thats my bucket list 🙂



Today is such a happy day.

I went to ATC to have a dinner date with a good friend – and as planned we went to Shabu-Shabu to try out something new and healthy. Since I am a big fan of soup, it was a yummy yummy dinner for me. I also had my first taste of Serenitea. Grapefruit Yakult. A must try. It’s like drinking an oversized yakult.

After that, I went to my work place. Logged in, got my laptop, and opened my outlook. I need something inspiring today before I think of possible solutions to the seven tracking tickets assigned to my not so brilliant brain. So I read the article my boyfriend sent me through email – which I opt not to post here because he would most probably dislike the idea. It was touching, and very inspiring. That made me smile.

So I started working. Seven tickets to solve, 23 tickets to create. All pending before the week ends. Oh my. What happened to the workaholic me? But since the portal is down, I decided to make a nonsense – story telling like entry on my blog.

My first zip of serenitea, shabu-shabu dinner, ninth month with my Mark, the four people who liked my current facebook status and two new skype contacts – my blessings for today. Oh, and Thank You Lord that typhoon Chedeng did not hit the Metro.

Good vibes – as always. I’m so back! 🙂

It’s called a Break Up because It’s Broken

I was exchanging skype messages with a good friend who just came out of a two year relationship. Its really true. A break up is always painful, no matter who does it.

I just finished reading his ex girlfriend’s blog. I was never close with the girl, but even though I do not know much about her, the blog almost made me cry. It was just heartbreaking and painful.

Break ups scares me big time. I do not like being emotionally attached with anyone. But its just impossible to love if you are detached.

There are days that I ask myself, have I had my share of pain to be this happy? Everything in my life is so perfect that it scares me.




My First Batangas Trip (Mark’s Birthday)

I went to Batangas City for Mark’s birthday celebration. My first time to be in Lipa and to meet his family. Long over due. I had been waiting and crying over this issue for the past eight months. I was actually quite nervous about the idea, I mean even though I had met a lot of families before, this one’s quite special. And at Citi, I was known for being the blooper queen so I don’t think times like these are my forte.

Mark agreed to meet up with me in Alabang since I am not familiar with his place. I gave my birthday gift to him. His very own mini-me. And to my dismay, he was not very delighted. Hmp. A waste of effort and cashing 🙂 I should have gotten him that watch he has been eyeing for the past months.

The mini me does not look like him at all, he says. So to my friends who know Mark, here’s the mini me photo, you be the judge:

Before going to Lipa, we went to ATC first to get his mom some cake, since its his mom’s birthday too. I opt to buy that frozen mango cake at Mary Grace since that was my mom’s favorite. Originally, I was planning to score something that she could use at home, but I decided to buy something safe since I don’t know what kind of decors or things his mom would appreciate.

So I went to Lipa and I met them. I met his mom, his dad, sisters, nephews, and other relatives. They were actually one of the nicest family that I had known. I felt so welcome and so much wanted.

Its not a big surprise that I had enjoyed staying there. If you know me, I am such a sucker for kids. Mark has six nephews.

Choi, who had been such darling to me, asking me all the questions he could ask, and telling me stories that could make any girl my age smile.

Sandrel is such a sweetheart too. I love it when he lies on my lap. Such a sweet kid. He is a lover of yan yan, just like me 🙂

Quino – Mark’s godchild too. Hmmmm. I had a hard time pleasing this one. Mark left Quino and I at the mall to stroll around, and he was not talking to me the entire time. 😦 We only bonded when we went back at their place already. Imagine how my heart melted when he told me “gusto ko sayo”. Finally, I got him!

Quion – Although Mark would not probably admit it, I think Quion is his favorite. I can sense it. But I was not able to bond with Quion that much, I was so afraid he’d cry if I carry him. Nevertheless, he was such an angel. Very quiet and so much behaved.

The Twins – Josh and Rosh – As they say, twins have different personalities. Applies to this kiddos. Rosh is my favorite (and that will be our little secret!) Rosh is always smiling. He’s just there, standing at his little corner, and living at his little yet perfect world. Josh however does not like me at first. Its just funny when I saw the look on Josh’s face when he saw me playing with his brother and not him. When I let go of Rosh, he come to me and grabbed my hand, as if asking me to carry him. That melted my heart.

There’s one more kid that made me smile at Lipa. Her name is Pia. She is not Mark’s niece, if I remember it correctly, I think she’s Mark’s cousin and godchild. She is also one of my favorites! 🙂 I was sitting quietly at Mark’s living room, when she approached me and Mark. She said ” Ang ganda nung babae!” Hahaha. Kids do say the darnest things I know – but they are also known for their honesty, right? I love Pia! She is such a sweetheart!

Now I know why meeting your boyfriend’s family is just so important. Before, I so wanted to meet them because of probably what it reperesents in our society and I wanted to get to know Mark more. Now that I have met them, I fell in love even more with Mark. I love Mark and I love his family.

Everything that my heart has ever wanted has come true. Thank you baby for making it happen.

(** More of Lipa stories in my next entry. Mark was bombarding me skype messages to finish this blog.)