Bellinis Date

Mark and I went to Bellinis to have dinner after our typical Sunday night movie date.

He was ranting about this place since he is a big fan of One More Chance. Hahaha. So we decided to go there, and pay this resto a visit.

I love the ambiance. Everything from the wall to the ceiling was hand painted giving you that Italian ambiance feel. You would totally forget that you were in the streets of Cubao.

The owner, Mr.Roberto Bellini, was there the entire time – making sure that the his guests were properly served and enjoying every minute of their stay. He was so polite asking everyone how they were. That for me is a sweet gesture of his personal touch.


Tinapa Ravioli

And since we were both ignorant about the place – we failed to grab a taste of their Vino Samto wine which was on the house – supposedly! Maybe next time.

How to Find Bellinis:
Bellini’s Italian Restaurant is inside the Marikina Shoe Expo in Cubao, which is at the back of Shopwise in Cubao. Opens from Monday to Sunday, 11:00 am – 11:00 pm.

For their menu sample:

Or like them on facebook:


Finding Happiness from Being Different from each other

Mark (märk)
1. born May 2, 1986; raised in Lipa Batangas
2. sees himself as an introvert
3. the guy I’m dating for the past five months*

There. I believe I need to give you a definition or a brief introduction of who this guy is – since he has been a consistent entry on my previous blogs.

Mark and I had been dating for the past five months. Mark’s type has always been the kind of guy that I see myself ending up with. I like guys who are very quiet, wont speak unless spoken to, reserved, and hard to predict.

The first three months was the hardest for us I guess. Surprising because I had always thought that it was the fun part. It might be, but it was during these times I guess that we were forced to adjust with each other’s personality.

Mark – the reserved guy

Mark never wanted attention. He has a little world of his own. It was hard for me to understand at first. Him not wanting to change his relationship status in facebook had been an issue for sometime.

He was private about everything. Our pictures, our relationship, and about me. That was hard to understand. As a girl, you wanted to feel that your partner shows you off, right?

It was hard, because I was showy – and he was shy. Little by little, he changed. He adjusted, I guess. That made me happy. Crazy how a simple facebook post can make my heart skip a beat.

I don’t like giving flowers excuse.

I love flowers. I love receiving them. It makes me feel like a lady. Mark on the other hand, hates giving them I guess. When we were just starting, I was begging him to give me flowers so badly. He always tell me that he’s not that type of guy excuse.

We failed to celebrate our first month of being together. Since before I met him, I already booked a flight to Hong Kong. So I was there, and he was here. When I arrived from my four days vacation, he visited me at home and gave me a bouquet of roses. Dream come true for me.

Miss Splurge meets Mister Practical

Aside from being my boyfriend, Mark is also my financial adviser. I just hired him a few weeks ago – and he is now teaching me how to save. Yes my dearest friends, I am in the process of learning now. So good luck Mark. So far, you’re doing a great job. Good mentor!

He does not like Cartoons!

Mark and I are both movie fanatics – but while I am a go gaga over cartoons and those kiddie flicks, Mark does not like them. I failed to watched Tangled because of him. And when I asked him to watched Rango with me, his only comment was “Cartoons kasi yun e.” He is the only guy that I know who does not buy my paawa look with matching pout lips. (Note to Mark: In time my dear, I know it will somehow work on you.)

He does not like Sweets!

He does not like one of the things that I can not survive a day without. Sweets would probably be an essential. A must have for me – everyday. Mark on the other hand, does not have a sweet tooth. Talk about compatibility. So most of the time, he just ends up watching me eat these sweet pleasures – and the good thing about him is, he does not complain. I remember when we were in HK for a vacation, we have to stop by a convenience store just to buy chocolates after our breakfast at Burger King because of my ridiculous craving. He was patient enough to understand. 🙂

Ms. Congeniality and The Shy Type

I was never from a blocked section when I was in college and I was a teller for the first two years of my professional life, so I think that explains why I smile a lot – even on strangers. Mark finds it weird – every time. Whenever I wave my hands to say hi to guards, or smile on a total stranger, he would always ask me why I do what I do. My friends from Citi are like that also, so I’d like to believe I’m still normal.

Even though Mark and I are totally different from each other – I see it now as one of our relationship’s strength. To be honest, I cant imagine dating a guy like me. That would be a little peculiar. Despite the differences, I believe that Mark is the perfect guy for me. I can not see myself dating anyone else now. Despite my complaints at times, and him not believing that I’d forever be faithful, he would still be the best guy there is, the best guy there was, and the best guy there’ll ever be – well, for me at least.

Quote for the day:
Compatibility is not having a lot of things in common and thinking alike. We are created uniquely with our own strengths, flaws, and character. Rather, being compatible means being able to work things out and think together despite our differences.

* Bloggers note: I actually made this blog when we were still on our fifth month and posted it just now, now we’re on our sixth going seventh 🙂 Wish us luck! 🙂




On the 6

Mark and I are dating now for six months. Surprisingly, we made it this far. So we went to Galleria for a movie date and watched “Just Go With It” starred by two of my favorite celebrities, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. Such a cute flick. We had our Lunch at Yoshinoya. Beef Gyudon Time!

*My Beef Gyudon After*

So, my Mark thinks of himself as a budding photographer – lets support him 🙂

His so called artistic shot.

Then we went to Cerealicious for my dessert, since I have a sweet tooth, and Mark doesn’t. We saw Mikee Cojuangco – one of my favorite Filipino Celebrities (Well, actually there’s just a few on my list: Tweetie de Leon, Bianca Gonzales, and Alice Dixson). Mark was left with no other choice but to grant the wish of his ever jologs girlfriend and took a picture of me and Mikee. He’s ashamed, I know, but I am so happy.

After the Movie, we went to Isaw Haus (which was recommended by my dearest friends, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Tuazon) for our street food cravings. I would not recommend this chain though, due to poor service, but their Isaw is just so perfect.

Thank you baby for such a simple yet perfect 6 month celebration – and for choosing to be with me for the past six months. You know I love you 😉

Chezkie as a Little Girl

I was checking out my old stuffs when i found three old letters kept inside my bed table.

These are letters that I had written and drawn when I was a little girl. I loved writing letters even then. I think I loved writing the moment I learned how to write. When I was a kid, my grand mother would freak out whenever she sees all the papers that I had wasted on doodling. I doodle anything then – from fake signatures, scribbles of trees, kids, stick mans, say it, I might have had drawn it.

So thats my senseless entry for today. Remembering Chezkie as a little girl.