Something Finally Went Right!

I had been trying to cook ever since I moved out. So that means that I had been a frustrated chef for the past three months or so.

First Dish – Sinigang na Baboy
So-so. Nothing special about the way I cooked it.
The first try turns out to be okay – so that inspired me.

Second Dish – Nilagang Baka
Burn it – and I think I am the ONLY person who can burn a dish like this.
Result: Frustrated, Crying Chezkie

Third Dish – Sinigang na Baboy (The Second Time Around)
The pork was cut in large sizes.
Result: Mark got scared.

Fourth Dish – Carbonnara
I had to throw the first batch of the sauce I made since I misread two cups of water from the recipe, and placed two cups of butter instead. Boy, am I stupid. Hahaha. I wondered if Carbonarra was supposed to be this buttery, then I decided to read the recipe again. And there you go, my buttery carbonarra went down the drain.

So there, I have to make another batch of carbonarra sauce. It’s better now. Right amount of butter, water, and ingridients as instructed in the recipe. The boo boo this time? Instead of bacon bits, I put the entire bacon strips without cutting it. Aaarrgh!

Fifth Dish – Monggo
It did not taste like Monggo AT ALL for one stupid reason.
I ran out of Pork Cubes so “someone” suggested that I put Beef Cubes instead.

I did not know that the black color (which I think was designed for people to believe that its non stick) in my cheap slash poorly made pan was fake – so there, my Monggo turned out to be black – which I think is not normal.

The chef in the making inside me is slowly losing its tiny ray of hope. But since Mark and I are going to Hong Kong this weekend, we have no choice but to save. I have to cook – and he has to eat it. If all else fails, we’d buy the cheap pizza that I blogged weeks ago.

So today, I cooked my sixth dish. The sixth try is a charm. I cooked my first Tinola today. I followed carefully my dad’s instruction – and it ended up tasting like Tinola. I am sooo happy. I deserved a round of applause or a little tap on the back for a job well done.

Something finally went right!

Tomorrow’s dish: Spaghetti! Wish me Luck! 🙂

Quotes for the day:

• Practice Makes Perfect
• As Mark once told me, Try and Try, and Try, and Try until you succeed.
• Good food becomes great only when shared with people you love.


The Sweet Surprise

Mark and I had no plans to celebrate Valentines Day for the following reasons:

1. Its one day before the pay day and since we both belong to the middle class society, we ran out of cash.
2. Daddy Phil’s unexpected arrival.
3. We are saving for our Hong Kong trip the week after Valentines Day.

Mark texted me at around 4 in the morning to greet me a Happy Valentines Day. That made me smile and frown at the same time. I smiled because he addressed me as “my baby” and I love it when he does that 😉 I frowned because its our first valentines day and I wont be spending the day with him.

I am scheduled to see my dentist this day because I lost my retainers and I needed them very badly. My appointment was at two in the afternoon. Mark and I had been texting the entire time since that’s our only way to celebrate this special day together.

I was supposed to take a bath because I was about to leave. Mark texted me “Text ka pag paalis ka na bahay, okay?” at 1:43 in the afternoon. I replied with my usual “Okay boss!”.

Since I move very slowly, I was still in the bathroom, about to take a shower. Mark called at 2:17 pm. I answered the phone, and he said “Labas ka.” I found it weird so I asked him, “Ha? Saan” and he said, “Basta labas ka.”

So I went out of the bathroom, opened the gate, and standing outside my home is the sweetest gentleman who I love like crazy holding three pieces of tulips on his hand. Wearing nothing but my yellow duster, I was so speechless, so I gave him a hug to show how I happy I am.

I was not expecting anything from Mark. I dont know why, maybe because I had been with him for the past five months and I already accepted who he is and who he’s not. All I wanted for this day is nothing but a sweet facebook wall to wall greeting from him. I know I sound so mababaw, but thats all I want. Maybe just the thought that he is proud of me is more than enough.

Thank you baby for this day. You made our first Valentines Day so special. As I said, I dont need any fancy dinner or over rated surprises – for the past five months of dating you, and getting to know you little by little each day, I realized that having you is one of the greatest blessings I have in my life right now. You are the answer to my one and only prayer – to find happiness.

I love you baby! Happy Valentines Day to Us!

…and even though I have my Mark to make me happy, I would forever be my mommy’s little girl. Mom gave me a red rose for Valentines. She never missed it, even when I was a little girl, she’d give me presents for Valentines Day. That had always made me happy. I love you too Mama!

The Facebook Chat

Officemate: Peshkie 🙂 TY ulit hehe

Me: hahahha
happy ba?
how was it? 🙂

Officemate: Ay ate, mamaya pa matutuloy

Me: Ahihihihi
Tama yan, wag mo masyado awayin.

Officemate: Hahaha. You have such a positive aura.

Me: Hala, di naman masyado.

Officemate: Oo Kaya! Dapat nga ganyan, kasi nakakahawa ang positivity.

Sometimes, I try to see the brighter side of things – but I never see myself as someone this positive. An appreciative comment from some random person or someone you rarely talk to is very uplifting. This made me smile today. 🙂

Posted: 12 February 2011

Best Movie Sound Tracks

1. I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing (Aerosmith)
Armageddon (1998)

Although this list is not in order, I have to say this tops my list. It was my favorite song during my elementary years and until now I guess. Mark loves the movie too. The music video was great! I admire this band so much. Legend indeed! 🙂

2. It might be you (Stephen Bishop)
Tootsie (1982)
This one’s a classic! I did not like the song in the beginning because during that time, it was everyone’s theme song. But when I watched Tootsie, it gave me the chills when  “It Might Be You” was played when the movie was about to end.
3. Glory of Love (Peter Cetera)
The Karate Kid (1984)
Never seen the movie. I was still a kid when this was shown. But I’d watch it one of these days. I’ve seen the music video for this song though – and it melted my heart.
4. (Everything I Do) I Do It For You (Bryan Adams)
Robin Hood: Prince  of Thieves (1991)
Loved this song too  – and I think the movie made this song more likeable.
5. So Close (Jon Mc Laughlin)
Enchanted (2007)
My favorite part of this movie was when this song was played. It made me cry. Love the dance number too. Romantic!
6. My Heart Will Go On (Celine Dion)
Titanic (1997)
This has to be in the list! No matter how over rated this song had become. The guy from the company I’m working with has not seen Titanic yet. Its the movie he swore to his grave not to see for some crazy and ridiculous reason/s. Well, I always tell him he missed half of his life! Hahaha
7. Way Back into Love (Hugh Grant and Haley Bennett)
Music and Lyrics (2007)
Though this movie was quite boring, I super love this song. Reminds me of my good old single days! 🙂
Favorite Line:
I’ve been watching but the stars refuse to shine,
I’ve been searching but I just don’t see the signs.
I know that its out there.
There’s gotta be something for my soul somewhere.
**Rewinded it countless times on my ipod! 🙂
8 . Love is All Around (Wet, Wet, Wet)
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)
I heard some good reviews for this movie though I haven’t seen it yet. I love the song – the sweetest!
9. I Say A Little Prayer (Diana King)
My Best friend’s Wedding (1997)
One of my favorite movies! My favorite part was when the entire cast sang the song at a restaurant. Crazy how they made that part without it looking weird unlike some of the Filipino flicks I’ve watched.
10. Grow Old with You (Adam Sandler)
The Wedding Singer (1998)
The song has cute – oh – so – sweet lyrics that will sweep any girls feet.
11. Secret Garden (Bruce Springsteen)
Jerry Maguirre (1996)
I loved the song because of the movie. When Jerry asked Dorothy for a dinner date and this song was played – the tear jerky girl in me cried again 🙂
12. She (Elvis Costello)
Notting Hill (1999)
I lost count how many times I had seen this movie. The song was played at the end part of the flick, that was Julia Robert’s moment.
13. It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)
Pretty Woman (1990)
The best break up song!
14. Can You Feel the Love Tonight (Elton John)
Lion King (1994)
I was caught whether to put this song or Hakuna Matata! Hahaha. Kiddin’ Lets give the credit to Elton John and Tim RIce for such a wonderful composition. I had cried over this movie when I was a kid.
15. You’re beautiful (James Blunt)
Just Like Heaven (2005)
I had a big crush on Mark Ruffalo after seeing this flick. Mark Ruffalo + Romantic Comedy Flick + A soundtrack that would make you feel like a Goddess = Supeeerrbbbb!
16. Auld Lang Syne (Mairi Campbell)
Sex and the City (2008)
I was surprised about the rendition of this song that’s why I added it to this list. Loved this movie too – although I had not watched a single episode of the TV series.
17. Feels like Home (Chantal Kreviazuk)
How to lose a guy in ten days (2003)
One of my favorite love songs. The song being a part of the movie made me like the movie even more. The movie was soooo cute.
18. I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore (Reo Speedwagon)
Not another teen movie (2001)
I know this flick is non sense and crazy, and it had not made justice to the song for using it as a sound track – but the movie made me laugh and loved the song that had been a hit a year before I was born.
19. My Girl (The Temptations)
My Sassy Girl (2001)
I actually have two songs in mind for this movie, Canon D and My Girl. But since when My Girl was played while Kyun-Woo and Ji Hyun Jun (I hope my research was right) were running in the park made me smile, it has to be this one!
20. Stop Crying your Heart Out (Oasis)
The Butterfly Effect (2004)
Oasis is my favorite band since I was in the fourth grade, so I have to make an entry of one of their songs. Although I dont really like the film that much (since prison and bad dreams scares the hell out of me), I love the part when Evan (Ashton Kutcher) and Kayleigh (Amy Smart) met in the end and this song was played.

Meeting a Boy named Mark ( The Story of Us – My Version)

The first glance

I remember the first time I saw Mark like yesterday. He was a new hire then. I saw him sitting at the corner of our office filling up some forms, and I smiled – he said “Hi”. Me, not knowing that this guy is about to change my life 🙂

Mark – my supposedly team mate.

Mark was supposed to be a part of my team. And originally, I would be his training buddy. But for some reasons, he was moved to another department. When he arrived in the office, I was asked to get out of my post – since he’d be needing the desk more than I do.

I was in the conference room with my team mates when he arrived. I remembered telling my team buddy, Dong, “Dapat sa atin yan di ba?”. I felt bad at first – because I feel that he would be a great asset for our team. But it turned out to be for the better, because if he had been my team mate, then its another platonic relationship for me.

How everything started
(The Chezkie Version – as Mark has his own version on his mind)

Mark is a very reserved person. So I don’t really talk to him all that much even though we work for a very “small” company. I am friends with some of his team mates and his college bud (which is in my team), but even with that, we only speak on rare occasions.

Our boss then was about to celebrate his birthday and I remembered asking him to go. But because my team buddy then wouldn’t go, I decided to text my other friends that I wouldn’t go to the said event.

I asked his team mate for his number, and I sent him a text message that I’m not going. For the record, I also asked some of his team mates number so I could relay the message to them. Mark keep on insisting that during these times, I am head over heels for him. I disagree – BIG TIME! 😉

Toy Story III – The Movie.

One Saturday Afternoon, Raphy (my good friend for so many years) asked me to watch Toy Story with him since his girlfriend is not here. We were supposed to see it with Van but we failed to asked him.

I saw Mark at Trinoma together with his friend. I asked him where Aaron was since I knew that they’d be attending a wedding together. Di daw sumama si Aaron, sabi ko, “Kawawa ka naman, wala ka pang tulog.” Then we waved goodbye.

I admit, I find him cute and all during these times 😉

Thank you Aaron.

I was training the new guy for our team then. So I was away from my post when my seatmate Aaron did something that I am now super thankful for.

He sent a message to Mark through my Skype ID. “Kamusta ka?” Naman. What a
pick up line? Who uses that?!

Mark replied with – Hi Chezkie, tama ba un spelling?

I was so embarassed then. For him, and for me. If Aaron here just had used a better pick up line I wouldnt tell Mark that the message was Aaron’s and not mine.

I told him – Sorry Mark, si Aaron yun e. Very awkward – I must say. Then I started the conversation just to be nice. I asked him how was the wedding, then he asked me about the guy I was with. It was a five minute conversation I guess – just to kill the awkwardness that time.

The Prayer

I remember my theology professor in college told us that we have to pray for everything. She even told us that we should pray to have a good partner in the future. Since then, I included that in my prayers. I always pray for a wonderful husband to be, and healthy kids. Then one morning, I was talking to God about random stuffs. Then I said, “Sana magkaroon ako nang mabuting asawa in the future,” then I added, “Lord, that Mark guy, parang okay yun!”
and ended the prayer with a smile.

I don’t know why I said that or why I even asked for it. Clearly, there were no sparks between him and me that time. All I know is he’s cute, and he’s nice. I get out of my bed to do my usual weekend stuff, checked my phone which was in my bag. My bag then was at the dining area since I am not expecting any messages from anyone. BOOOM! One new message from Mark Marcial!

“Have a good Sunday Morning! :)” 8:47 AM.

I didn’t sent a reply right away. Naisip ko, baka sent to all lang. No personal touch at all. But I remembered the prayer that same morning. Sige na nga, baka sign ito. Hahaha. Everything started there. I was about to get to know the man who to this date, had changed my life Big Time!

(… to be continued)