January 24, 2011

A great man was born today, exactly 84 years ago. This man had a great impact on my life. He is my grandfather.

He took care of me because my parents were too busy then. He looked after us, and my sisters and I loved him so much. He prepared everything before we go to school. Three glasses of milk, our packed lunch, and drove us even though my school then was a ten minute walk from our home. He had been there for my family. Sent me to school, pay the bills, loved us unconditionally. He was the smartest man I know. As a kid, I admired him for his mathematical skills. He seems like a rockstar then. 🙂

He had been a father to a lot of people. In his hometown in Laguna, everyone calls him Amang Sanong. I felt popular just standing next to him.

I remembered my grandmother always wishing that my sisters and I would end up with a guy like him. A good provider and a loving husband. I hope someday, I would.

Happy Birthday Ama.You will always be the number one man in my life. I miss you so much and I will forever love you.

Posted: 24 January 2011


Bring Back the Old Times. A Blast from the Past.

Friendster oh Friendster what happened to you?

I visited my friendster page today – after so many months of forgetting it even exist. I even had to send a request of my password since I already forgot it. But I wont be deleting this page – since its a nice reminder of my college slash teenage years 🙂

Here are some of my favorite friendster memories:
(in no particular order)


1. The Masscomm Society (We are more than just talk!)
Photo Title: What a bond to break!
Uploaded: October 18, 2005

I miss you girls. You made the first two years of my college days super fun!

2. Vy-anne’s 19th birthday

Photo Title: vy-anne’s birthday! =)
Uploaded: October 18, 2005

I remember this day like crazy. I was so harrased since it was one of my school project’s deadline. I had to do some sleepover at Rochee’s place in Paranaque. Even without sleep – I rushed at vy-anne’s party. Its been a year since I last saw Mikey and Jason that time.

Quoting Vy-anne: Let’s drink the night away. Miss you twinsis.

3. Jessica Alba
Photo Title: i try to be
Uploaded: June 06, 2006

This was my profile pic for some time. I wanted the Jessica Alba abs so badly. I even fake some people that it was me. I just cant do her 100 push up a day technique.

4. Chimes
Photo Title: bananerz – the tandem not even kenan and kel can beat =)
Uploaded: July 24, 2005

I super miss you Chimes. Chimes had to be one of my best college buds. I remember how simple things had made us happy then. Ice creams, food trips, movie marathons, and laughing out loud till our faces hurt. I love you chimes, you’ll forever be my banana!

5. Citibank
Photo Title: debby’s baby shower
Uploaded: July 21, 2007

I was a newbie in Citibank here. My first job ever – and my branch services family had made it easier and lighter for me. Thank you so much guys for your warmth upon knowing me. You are the best!

I chose this pic because Debby hates it so much when i post photos of her when she was pregnant. Love you debbs! Ginawan ko pa nang video di ba. Hahaha.

6. My 20th Birthday
Photo Title: at Antipolo after my birthday celebration
Uploaded: December 04, 2005

My 20th birthday bash was so fun too. Thanks to Jason who drove us all the way to Antipolo for some beers after my party. Loved the overlooking and the fresh air breeze. It was a night to remember.

7. Pagudpod
Photo Title: Photograph by: my dad =)
Uploaded: January 26, 2007

My dad loved this shot. He thinks of himself as a budding photographer.

8. The graduate
Photo Title: Congratulations to me =)
Uploaded: March 27, 2007

Afrer five years, three courses, one summer class, and brain torturing thesis – I am a Graduate. Congratulations Chekay! You finally did it.

9. Happy Hearts Day!
Photo Title: Celebrating Valentines Day! =)
Uploaded: February 15, 2009

Celebrating valentines day with my two bestest friends bogzy and joycie.
Karaoke night! 🙂

10. Paparapapa 🙂
Photo Title: your jasmin trias wannabe..
Uploaded: March 23, 2006

I am forever her fan!
I rememeber humming the Mc Donalds theme song when I was in college!
Paparapapa Love ko ‘to! 🙂


Here are some nice posts from my bolera friends! In friendster vocabulary, we call them testimonials. Thank you my dear friends for the kind words. You guys rock! ♥

Chezkie, the jasmine trias of lcc,hehehe. She has the charmed, that makes everyone likes her & with just a simple smile that accompanies her cute little eyes, it can vanish your sorrows away (that’s how her miracle smile works,hehehe). She also has the wit, dean’s lister yata yan. Im proud of you chezkie, so keep it up. I’m so glad that we became close coz ur one of the few persons dat i trusted & considered as real friend.
Stay sweet! MisU chezkie! mwah!
– Grazie, September 03, 2005

killer smile!!! that should be chekay’s alias,,, but hey, dont get me wrong there is more to her than her ever so charming smile. cheska is smart…Aint it obvious when you read her profile, this girl can talk..so allow her to speak, you’ll find out things about her and surprisingly, about yourself too. Cheska is sweet, she greets you with that “nakakaadik na smile” of hers everytime she sees you, and mind you this girl is no plastic, she as I’ve said, she can talk and she will never be afraid to tell you what you need to hear. And if Cheska doesn’t like you, she shows it, which made me like her more. She’s super humble even if we all think that she can be proud of something. Cheska, I really don’t understand why you shifted, damn girl…MassComm needs you! You are not mayabang kahit maganda ang diction mo!(ung iba kse ang yabang pangit naman diction!) Ehehehehhehee….love you! You take care of yourself! 🙂
– Kd, September 09, 2004

chesca!!!!:) miss ko na sobra tong girl na to!!what i remember most about her is her killer smile!grabe kahit badtrip ako,makita ko lang to ngumiti ok na araw ko!!hahaha..no kidding!a very charming girl with a very bright disposition in life..that’s cheska..:) never had a chance to be that close to her but at least somehow,we got acquainted..:) miss ko na smile mo! ingat ka lagi..hope to see you soon!! mwah!labyu friend!
– Pam, January 27, 2004

baby ko yan! hehe! si checai po ay sobrang … at masyadong… hehe. sige seriously, checai is so gorgeous! wish ko lang kng magkakaboyfriend siya, yung lalaking kaya na siyang ipaglaban, right?! remember?! franchezca is the girl worth fighting for. she is a true friend, kung sa akin nga, less than a year na kami nagkasama, pero we love each other like forever. she is a friend you always wanted by your side, a sister you wouldn’t envy, and for you guys, she’s the girlfriend you’ve always dream to have. luv u girl! ingat lang, mommy nicole is always here for you, promise! mwa!
– Nicoleness, April 12, 2004

Chekay– the sweetest icing atop a lusciously chocolatey cake! She paints a unique smile that could brighten up your dull day. Hey, don’t overestimate my sweetnss; you’ve always been sweeter! She’s adds a sexy touch to her persona when she speaks, very friendly and good-natured. Sorry ndi me nakapunta sa bday mo!! I really wish I was there, it’s my ballet.. Anywayzzee, chekay is one of the many peeps that made my entire high school experience no less colorful than the friendliness she transcends in every way. You have a long way to go,. I miss you!! Thanks for all the mems..
– Ea, November 30, 2003

yan si chez….ano kya mssbi ko dyan…hmmm..ah alm ko n…sya ung frend ko n super sweet as in..matutuwa ka dyan pag kasama mo kase hindi sya boring pano katulad kong siraulo..hehe..pero seriously si chezca ung taong alam mo na nandyan lang lage pra sayo..talagang marunong sya magtreasure ng friendship..nkkatuwa yang mgtampo ung tipong hinde ka papansinin sabay alis pero maya maya kauspin mo parang ala lang nangyari..hehe..luv n luv ko yan kase nandyan siya lage pra makinig sa love life ko kahit na minsan paulit ulit..marunong yang makisma..wala kang masasabe..hinde nagiging boring ang usapan pag sya ang ktbi mo pno kung ano2 nga banat..hindi yan pikon kaya srap kaasaran..pero chez gusto ko lng sbhin na thank u sa frendship tyka dun sa red socks w/ card n binigy mo..hehe..kahit hindi ka namen madalas kasama basta lage mo tandaan na dito lang kame 4u..sna punta ult tyo greenhills..hehe..tnx tlga frend..luvu..
– Rochelle, January 31, 2005

chesca is one of the sweetest person i’ve met… always yan nakasmile, masaya parang walang problema…. cute din sobra especially kpg tatawa yan, madaling pangitiin and SUPER bait as in, parang hindi marunong mgalit… miss ko na ung mga kwentuhan nmin about life…..miss you na ingat lagi
– Carlo, December 6, 2003

Let me start by saying that my niece Chezca is the closest female version of me, or maybe Im the closest male version of her. Either way I think were both lucky in that regard 🙂 Chezca was barely 2 months old when I left for the states so I really missed the time when she was growing up. She barely knew me when I visited when she was 9 and I still remember how sweet she was when I first saw her as a little girl. I think its because were both the youngest sibling and we look alike (lucky me) 🙂 that it didnt take long for us to bond together. Not sure if she remembers but she gave me this little Simba (Lion King) figurine toy for Valentines and I still have it and its kept in a special place.I didnt know it would take another 10 years before Id see her again, and I found out how much I missed when I saw her as a young lady. I wish Id been able to be able to dance with her on her 18th birthday. She amazes me about the way she expresses herself in her poetries, and Im not sure if she knows it but she has a nice singing voice that is begging to be released when she is singing. Id say she is very smart and she has a lot of talents, shes just too humble to show it 🙂 But I know its just a matter of time for those talents to come out and they will eventually be instrumental in her success in life. After all she is my look alike… hehe 🙂
– Uncle Ferdie, January 31, 2005

franchezca baby!!! ang may pinaka cute na smile sa lahat ng baby namin. yang smile na yan kasi e, naiintimidate tuloy ang mga boys kaya nahihiyang manligaw.

serious aside this girl is soooo sweet! and guess what, she made it on our wedding day, just by the moment the program already ended. wow, pati ba naman sa wedding namin late ka parin, well at least you made it, as you’ve said, better late than never. thanks chez! ingat lagi ha! watch out for those bad boys who can’t seem to care much about you, sumbong mo lang
sasagasaan namin! mahal namin ikaw!!! pakabait!
– Carlo and Nicole, September 28, 2004

hi friend… wassup? hay nako, la ako ma-say dito kay chezca… you will never find her frowning or getting mad at other people… pang miss congeniality toh! always smiling and very warm… sarap lokohin kasi mababaw lang ang kaligayahan… hehehe… we’ve known each other for not so long, pero when im with her, parang we’ve been friends since gradeschool pa!!! chezca, lakasan mo loob mo! follow my advice… unahan mo na!!! hehehe… tc… love you!!!
– Faye, November 19, 2003

hmm. wat can i say… tagl m n kc intay to e kaya eto na..well c ate che, mabait yan… napakafriendly… makulit… madaldal lahat ng gus2 nyang sabihin ilalabas nia kht d ko kilala kwento pa rin sya.. and she’s sooo weird!!!!! may kakaiba syangpersonality!!! she’s so sweet…and pag may gusto yan d pwedeng d nia makuha..gagawin nya lahat makuha lang yon.and pagmayiniisip yan d mo makakausp ng matino. at minsan napaka negative thinker niya..kahit anong iadvice nmin di nya pakikinggan..kung ano2ng naisip nyan! and may special talent pa yan!! magtanong ka ng isang movie na napanood nya and magpasabi ka nang line sa kanya maeelibs ka! hehehehe…. o pede na to…. <*.*>..God Bless. Ingat sila sayo…muah.
– Dhet, November 23, 2003

just wanna add from my prev. testimonial… dalas kong kasama tong gurl na to dis past few days….chezca’s always on the go ayain mo yan khit saan sasama yan khit na my class pa yan di ka niya ipagpapalit sa mga prof. niya… di ba!!! hhahahaa….:) sarap kausap sa phone
khit wla ng kwenta ang mga pinaguusapan namin… negative thinker din madalas…. sana nga maging positive na eh… and mabait lalo na pag may hinihiram ako…:-) gus2 na niyang
magkalovelife pero ang daming naiisip… and para itong virus na nakakahawa kaya nga kung ano2 na din ang nasasabi ko kung kanikaninO!!! INGAT KAYO…. o cya till here…
– Jhing, November 23, 2003

bait nito, sobrah!! malambing pa siya! we’ve been classmates in elementary for almost ? years, and we’ve been friends eversince. sweet siya nung mga days na un,pati hanggang ngayon naman e. na-touch ako when we were in grade 6.. it was our Christmas party..binigyan nya ako ng letter, telling me how grateful she was that i became her friend. ako naman din, it was when i realized how much she valued me. kaya nga labs ko yan e!! ankulit din nyan! gusto ko sa kanya ung boses nya. she has this tilt in her voice that’s uniquely hers. parang bata na hindi.. gets? basta! she’s a great friend and one beautiful lady.. hehe i heard na heartthrob ka sa school nyo ha! =P tama na siguro to.. saka na ulit.. ingatz u po!! *smooch*
– Joie, November 21, 2003

Thank you friendster for all the mems! You started it.
But sadly, all of us are moving to facebook 🙂

Nanay Choleng

I have not met this lady – and wont be able to meet her. A good friend of mine told me about her. How she took care of him when he was still a little boy.

He told me how he used to stay at Nanay Choleng’s home – play there the entire day, eat, bathe, and sleep. Most of his childhood memories were there. And he vividly remembers everything. The Bed. The Place. The Bathroom. The Food.

Amazing how people who are not related to you can love you unconditionally. Or how someone can make a big impact on one’s life.

Nanay Choleng, I hope you could see that the boy you took care of turned out to be a good man. And I know, in some ways, you know how much he misses you and that you’re always in his prayers.

I wont be able to meet you, and through this blog, I hope I can express how much I salute people like you who loves with no expectations. That alone is one of life’s greatest blessings.

Quote for the day:

The best inheritance a parent can give to his children is a few minutes of their time each day.
– M. Grundler

Posted: 16 January 2011

Chansel – A New Pizza Experience

Mark treated me with two boxes of pizza this morning from Chansel Pizza Haus. He told me he used to eat this when he was still in College at UST!

Since I am not a pizza fanatic, its a surprise that I liked this one. 🙂
The food court loving girl in me is not really hard to please. Lucky Mark! I am a cheap date as they say.

Thank you for making me smile today baby!
You’re the best! 🙂