Ten Things I Love About 2010!

1. Finding a new job – and working with the best team. Meeting new workmates who turned out to be my friends, little sisters, and big brothers 🙂

2. The feeling of independence. Thank you Papa for allowing me to move out 😉

3. Babies! New babies. Two of my closest friends, gave birth this year. Two new pretty godchildren for me. Lexi and Candice 🙂

4. Singapore- Malaysia Trip with my travel bud Jona. I love it.

5. Hong Kong – Macau trip with my fab friend Joycie. Finally! 🙂

6. The two people I love getting engaged. Congrats Dennis and Paola.

7. Saying goodbye to my second family – Citibank- after three years. Moving on – its about time.

8. I turned 25! Celebrating quarter life with a surprise birthday bash from my team. Priceless!

9. Meeting some gentlemen, a big bro, and a confidant 🙂 (David, Win, Marvs, Lex, Dong, and Aaron) – a nice reminder that not all men are pigs. (Harrice Reambillo still tops my list).

10. Meeting the most understanding man I know who can handle my tantrums, and the brat kid in me. Being in love – and swept away.

Thank you Lord for all these blessings. I lift all my dreams, hopes and fears up to you. 2010 had been a great year for me, cant wait to find out whats in store in 2011 🙂

Posted: 01 January 2011