Peshkie is Sick

Peshkie, apparently, my new nick name, because half of the people in my new found work calls me that way. I don’t know how it started, but my colleague started to call me that way, and the guy sitting next to me thinks it cute. so the rest is history – i guess.

My body temp was around 40 degrees. According to my dad – the average would be around 36, so that was high. I slept the entire day. But I love being sick, because my mom is back to spoiling me again. She bought me dried mangoes, and ice cream in three flavors! Hahaha (Pistachio, Double Dutch, and Cheese) That cheered me up. Parang ayoko nang gumaling.

Thank you mom and dad for taking care of me today! I feel like a four year old girl who needs you every second of my life. You rock! ♥

Posted: 09 September 2010