Exploring Singapore

I went to Singapore a week ago for a vacation. It was a promise I made to myself to visit one country per year – I broke it though, since I wasn’t able to travel last year.

It was a really crazy experience. A roller coaster of emotions. It was fun, surprising, scary and super happy ofcourse!

First Destination: Night Safari

Nothing so surprising about the place, since I was able to visit Zoobic already. I love the restrooms though, everything was themed.

Second Day is Sentosa Day!

True enough- its a Playground. I love this place! Too bad I wasn’t able to see Universal Studios since tickets were already sold out when we arrived.

Believe it or not, I was able to experience their Skyride (one of their attractions – its a surprise because I have Acrophobia).This was actually the longest ten minutes of my life! I was holding Jona’s hands and my eyes were closed the entire time. Hahaha. Di na ko nakapalag when their staff asked me to sit by pushing me to the seats and locking the bars! A fear factor experience indeed.

I also loved the Merlion! I never thought it was that huge. But my favorite place here in Sentosa was the Hershey World. I had never seen so many Hershey Products in my life! Everything was just expensive though. But I was thrilled because I was able to purchase my favorite chocolates in their over sized forms! I love the Giant Mr. Goodbar, Hugs and kisses and Reese Cups. I almost forgot my grandmother was a diabetic. Whew.

Third Stop! Malaysia!

It took us ten hours to travel from Singapore to Malaysia. But its okay, since Petronas Towers was so worth the time!.It was so beautiful. At shempre, inatake na naman ako ng fear of heights ko.Nalula ako sa taas nya. But everything was so extraordinary. I love the details! It was one of the most beautiful structures man has created.

Our last day of vacation was spent shopping and riding the Singapore Flyer. Nakakalula din itong isang to. But since everything was closed, it is not that scary for me. You could see the beauty of Singapore from the top of the Flyer. t was such a fun experience getting to know other countries’ culture and way of life. I hope I’d be able to travel again next year, kahit krisis!

Posted: 27 February 2010


Lessons I had Learned from my Singapore Vacation

  • Wag maging assuming. Di lahat ng tao balak kang gahasain. Hahaha. Jona and I were actually looking for a bus station going to Malaysia. There’s this one Singaporean guy who told us the direction. We were about to go to Beach Road, until we realized he was following us. I was so praning and we started to run. Then we realized that he wanted to make sure that we get there safely. Even helped us how to use the traffic light. (Hey, my title was too harsh, I could have used, Be trustworthy, right?)
  • Kung wala ka sa Maynila, hindi mo kelangan makipagpatintero sa bus, taxi, at kung anu- ano pang sasakyan. Hindi mo din kelangan makipagunahan sa train, dahil hindi naman lahat ng train sa mundo ay kasing sikip ng MRT.
  • Wag alisin ang Departure/Arrival Card sa Passport – lalo na kung magko-cross country ka. Kung hindi, kinakailangan mong maiwan ng ilang minuto sa immigration. Huwag iwanan ang importanteng dokyumento sa hotel.
  • Kung pihikan ka sa pagkain, pasalamat ka at may Mc Donalds.
  • Kaya kong mabuhay ng walang cellphone sa loob ng limang araw.
  • Kung inaantok talaga ang tao, kaya nyang matulog kahit anong posisyon, kahit saang lugar. Mapa bus, mapa coffee house, mapa airport.
  •  Malaking tulong ang facebook para mapaalam sa tao ang status mo sa bawat minuto.
  • Dumating ng maaga sa airport – nang hindi ka maiwan ng eroplano. Mahal ang ticket lalo na kung same day ang flight mo!

Posted: 27 February 2010

[Bloggers Note: Wrote this blog two years ago after my first ever Singapore Vacation. I was a Bob Ong wanna be then. Hope it worked!]