Twenty Five

It’s 2;04 in the morning here. I am not feeling well, I got flu, a headache and a sore throat. Talk about luck. I was reading someone else’s blog a while ago. One of her posts was twenty five random facts about her . So that would be my chosen topic for this page. Anyway, I missed answering the non sense questions on bulletins on friendster page.


1. I eat very SLOWLY. I don’t even chew my food sometimes.

2. I had singing lessons but I can’t sing. I had dancing lessons but I can’t dance.

3. Still dreams of having court side seats to watch WWe Raw. (Dont have the subscriptions now, I miss Jack TV!)

4. I love to Daydream.

5. I know I am childish, but I hate being called immature. It’s different.

6. I love watching movies alone. Weird?

7. Love small cans and cute boxes. Just like my grandmother.

8. Wants to live alone (in time). I still dream of studying or probably working abroad.

9. Loves Kids soooo much!

10. Loves it when people remember details about me.

11. Loves the beach during the day. Scared of it at night time.

12. Sang “One Moment in Time” in front of my Grandfather’s officemates when I was a kid.

13. Had watched Friends TV Series over and over again.

14. Wore braces for so many years!

15. Can not forgive easily

16. Got my first flat UNO grade for Philippine Constitution (Law) and my first TRES (yup, i almost failed) for my PE subject – Water Polo ba naman!

17. Never my parent’s favorite.

18. Loves theme parks.

19. Super afraid of heights! I hate foot bridges, super high stairs and escalators.

20. Loves Street Foods!

21. Very picky with food. As a kid, whenever I dont like the dish, I’d rather eat rice with banana. But I wont do that now. Haha

22. Loves to travel…To travel the world is my ultimate dream.

23. Loves to walk during mornings..but easily gets tired.

24. Likes thinking of great name for my kids.

25. Don’t know how to ride a bike and I swallow bubble gums.


Posted: 13 March 2009