Simple Things can Make Me Happy. Take it Literally.

Ice Cream. Ever wonder why frozen dairy can bring a smile to your face? Whether its dirty ice cream, coned or surely can make you feel the world is not so bad after all.

My Favorite Flick. Watching While You Were Sleeping makes me smile— even if Love doesn’t work for me, atleast for others.

Chocolates. I thank God for people who invented Hershey’s. God Bless the people behind Amond Roca, Ferrero Rocher, Kit Kat and even everyone’s favorite..Chocnut. Kaya nga lang, phase out na ang Barnone.

Jollibee. Sinong Pinoy ang di napasaya ni Jollibee?

Spaghetti. The more grated cheese, the better. If ever I’d be a mascot, I think I’d be Hetty.

Cartoons. Doesn’t solving mysteries with Scooby-doo and his gang make you happy? Or even watching Patrick Star and Sponge Bob Square Pants ruin Squidward’s Day?

Friends. Yes, the show and the real ones. I love the show because it’s hilarious. The real ones, I think it’s self-explanatory.

Kids. Their sense of humor, watching them grow, the funny faces and sounds they can make..and whenever the say the weirdest things.

Sweet Revenge. Doing things people think you can’t do, watching your ex boyfriend drool over you.

Hugs. The feeling that you are not alone and someone cares for you can give you a natural high.

Appreciation. If this cant make you happy, what else could?

A smile from a stranger. Good Morning Greetings from guards, restaurant employees, cashiers.. I appreciate even the simplest gestures of respect. Everyone should. If he is a cutie, then its a plus.Ü

Freebies. Anything as long as its free, it makes me feel I hit the jackpot.

A 5 peso coin you accidentally found. I just feel oh so lucky after wards.

Buying anything from a 24 hour store. Now this is weird. The feeling of “traveling” always comes back to me every time I see a 24 hour store.

Music. Its versatile anyway, it can either make you happy or sad.

Children’s Books. Looking at it and reading it can make me happy. It brings back you’re worry free days.

Posted: 21 April 2006