The Writer and The Reason Behind It

When I started poetry, I envy those who use highfalutin words and profound definitions of certain ideas. Sometimes, I wanted to buy the technique so I could impress my colleagues and make them think, “hey this girl can write!” I decided to do so, but after I finished, I can’t feel the essence of the poem. Then I wonder, why in the world am I doing this crap? I’ve been writing since I was 9, most of my articles may probably be grammatically incorrect., but it didn’t bother me. My poems, my articles, and my essays are the mirror of my life’s drama. I write to express and not to impress. I write because this is how I express my emotions. Writing is my passion- though at times I tend to deny it. I write when I’m mad. I write when I’m scared. I write when I’m saddened by reality. I write when I’m happy.

My poems are original for plagiarism is against the law. I write for special people who appreciate me as a whole; who had touch my life, one way or another. When I looked back, I realized that my poems had brought smiles in their faces, happiness in their hearts, and tears of joy. If at any point I pinched their hearts, then its mission accomplished. I know my poems never impressed anyone, but it made the people that inspire me happy…and it doesn’t get better than that 🙂

Posted: 26 July 2005


No Angel

i am no angel. i tried to be. i commit mistakes. i am a sinner.

i am no angel. i wish i could be. i have some failures. i am a loser.

i am no angel. i wanted to be. but i am imperfect. just like you.

i am no angel. i have no hallows. i am easily fooled. i am just seen through.

i am no angel. i got no wings. i got no charm. i am sorry.

i am no angel. its obvious, cant you see? i cant be anyone else. i am happy being me.

Posted: 25 July 2005

Unleash the Writer in Me (I am a Writer)

i am a writer. my voice is not heard but read.

i am a writer. i dont preach.

i am a writer. my views are interpreted – but only i could understand.

i am a writer. my perception’s unleashed.

i am a writer. i fail. i succeed. i fulfill myself.

i am a writer. i may pinch your heart. cause you pain. teach you lessons. touch your life.

i am a writer. my emotions are expressed not by tears, not by laughter..but by my pen and my paper.

i am a writer. my pen’s ink had witnessed my pain.

i am a writer. i dont write for fame and glory. i write to say what’s inside me.

Posted: 24 July 2005